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  1. Biker

    How To Amazing DIY vids on YouTube

    Some amazing DIY vids done by a guy in Rajasthan, India on the RC and Duke 390 They are not in English but the vids are self explanatory. Here is the link to his YouTube channel:
  2. Biker

    Quick throttle DIY

    Found a 3d file on thingiverse for a quick throttle cam for a YZF R6 RJ03 by mastein93 ( and printed it off in ABS. It fits the RC 390 perfectly except needing just a little bit of fettling on the bottom half of...
  3. Biker

    Headstand pin size

    Hi. As above - what's the headstand pin size? Cheers
  4. Biker

    3d Printed footpeg blanking plates

    3d Printed Pillion footpeg blanking plates printed on my 3d printer.
  5. Biker

    Front caliper - winding back pistons

    Whilst changing the front fork seals I inadvertently managed to press the brake lever (whilst it was dangling loose off the disc) resulting in the front pads now tightly pressed against each other. Before I do anything further stupid grateful if someone could please give me a guide as to how...
  6. Biker

    Engine light remaining on

    Did an oil/airfilter/fuel filter change but as I had dropped a nut I had to disconnect the map/air temperature loom plug to get to it. After refitting everything the bike is starting normally but the yellow engine (mil) light is remaining on continuosly. Engine is starting normally but I...
  7. Biker

    Plastic Oil filter thingy

    Just an observation: the plastic oil filter at the location where the oil is drained from has magnets to catch the finer shavings. Thoughtful deign. I have used similar in my lotus (magnetic drain plug) and it used to catch a fair bit of finer debris.
  8. Biker

    Coolant overflow pipe snapped

    As above. Can I still ride the bike (weekend normal road use) while I await a new coolant bottle? Cheers Adil
  9. Biker

    DIY Tail Tidy

    Pics to show my DIY effort.....
  10. Biker

    Free standing bike pics

    Free standing bike pics
  11. Biker

    Can anyone beat this record for crashing a new bike?Or my most embarrassing moment

    Try beating this for embarrassment! So I collect my brand new RC and manage to drop it in front of the dealership gates with the entire staff watching!!!!! Luckily the only injury was to my pride. Lol With hindsight I blame it on the swine flu which I think was brewing and was making me a bit...
  12. Biker


    Hi from India! Hello to all! Awaiting delivery of the RC390 in Hyderabad (India), hopefully next week! First thing to check before taking delivery is whether it has the slipper clutch! lol Hello Blackthorn - notice you are on XBHP!