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  1. psych0hans

    Need Help How do you guys with clip ons manage with your switchgear?

    My switchgear keeps colliding with the bodywork, especially on the left. Is there any compact switchgear available, or will I need to come up with a custom solution?
  2. psych0hans

    Question Looking for a more compact option for my left switch housing

    Hi guys, I have lowered my clip ons and now, unfortunately, the left switch housing is fouling with the fairing. Can you guys please suggest a good replacement for the left switch housing? Picture attached for reference.
  3. psych0hans

    PSA : The original front disc of the RC 390 is HEAVY!!!

    The front disc of the 2014 RC 390 weights 1.81 Kgs!!! It's INSANE!!!! p.s. the scale is calibrated yearly and is accurate to the 10gms or less.
  4. psych0hans

    Can these adjustable foot pegs be alternatives for resrsets?

    Have a look at these...
  5. psych0hans

    Motorcycle suspension shops in Spain

    Hi guys, does anyone know of any motorcycle suspension guys in spain? I tried google, but didn't find much. Cheers!
  6. psych0hans

    Problem with paypal checkout

    Hi guys, I'm trying to place an order on your site but it's being a bit glitchy. I want to pay using paypal but it's getting stuck where it asks for credit card details. I'm attaching a pic below.
  7. psych0hans

    Indian review of the 2017 RC390
  8. psych0hans

    Any discounts for forum members?

    Hi guys, I was about to make a small purchase from your site and was wondering if you offer any discounts for forum members? Thank you :)
  9. psych0hans

    Forged wheels design.

    Hi guys, as discussed before, I'm getting into the business of manufacturing forged wheels for lightweight motorcycles. I need your help to decide on the design I should go in for. Some of you guys feel I should stick with the stock 390 design, but since I'll only be making one design for all...
  10. psych0hans

    Feeler for forged wheels for our bikes.

    Would any of y'all be interested in a set of forged magnesium/aluminum wheels for our bike in the stock sizes or otherwise? I'm talking to a guy to source wheel blanks so I can manufacture my own wheels and was wondering if there would be a market for the same. I'm assuming it would be cheaper...
  11. psych0hans

    KTM Duke 916 anyone?

    This is what some ingeneuity and a lot of hard work can achieve. This guy stripped his Duke 390 and created this fairing kit for it using a Ducati 916 as his base. Unfortunately he has no plans on producing these commercially(believe me, I tried convincing him), so all we can do is drool over...
  12. psych0hans

    Ideal tire size combination. 110/150 vs 120/160. Wheel swap.

    Hi guys, as I've posted before, I have an insane and unhealthy obsession of grafting a twin disc setup into any bike I own. To that avail I want to swap out the wheels of my RC with those of either an Aprilia RS250 or an older generation Ducati. I believe either combination will be lighter than...
  13. psych0hans

    Titanium/Alu Bolts

    Hi, I wanted to switch over to using Titanium/Aluminum bolts wherever I can on the bike, starting with the rotating mass. I was wondering what the sizes of the various bolts are such as the brake rotor bolts and sprocket bolts. Also would be interested in switching over to Titanium Banjo Bolts...
  14. psych0hans

    Planning an exhaust design

    Hi guys, I'm planning on designing an exhaust system for the 390 series bikes. My goals are to : - 1) reduce weight. 2) make sure that the power/torque does not change for the worse. 3) Maintain the stock mounting positions. 4) reduce heat emission from the exhaust to the rear shock. I was...
  15. psych0hans

    Alternate Steering Damper Setup.

    This is something I saw on facebook and was being sold for the RC390. Any thoughts on how one would accomplish this?
  16. psych0hans

    Andreani Fork Cartridges reviewed on

    Check this out... Adjustable Fork Kit For the KTM RC390 | MOTORCYCLIST
  17. psych0hans

    60PS Turbo Charged RC390

    Meet the Turbo charged KTM RC390 by Performance Technologies, expected output 60hp! | Motoroids have a look... Pretty interesting stuff.
  18. psych0hans

    Moto3 type fairing for the RC

    KTM RC 125 | Fairing/Fairings for Motorbike/Motorcycle This is for the RC125, not sure it will fit the 390, but I think it should.
  19. psych0hans

    Planning a pretty significant brake/suspension upgrade.

    Hi guys, I went all out on Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, and picked up a bunch of goodies for The Orange Hulk :p 1) Ducati OE Brake Radial master Cylinder - 125$ (Quiet a bargain, if I must say so myself) 2) ABS Bypass Steel Braided Lines - 28$ 3) 320mm Brake Disc from China. - 99$...
  20. psych0hans

    RC 390 with Ride by Wire?

    Could this be true?