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    body mounting hardware

    I was looking at a few places for mounting hardware for some of the street bodywork but I couldnt pinpoint which bolt in the upper side panel below tank at the rear most point of the side fairing. A bolt and washer worked loose sometime and is gone. I also couldnt find any fork internal parts...
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    Cup suspension vs Street suspension

    I guess one of the biggest discrepancies is the difference in suspension between the Cup RC390 and the Street RC390. I dont hear differentiation between the two when referring to suspension problems/adjustments/upgrades/tuning etc. I have a street RC and am looking at a CUP 390 for racing but...
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    Rear Brake losing prime

    It seems after sitting a little bit that my rear brake on my Street RC390 loses pressure. I have bled it a couple of times before trackdays or so when I noticed it lost pressure. All I have done to it was change to EBC pads and change the fluid in it. No air bubbles when I changed fluid or...
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    Houston, Tx

    I guess I never posted up in this area specific area, but Hi from Houston! :)
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    New Posts link at top left of page

    I have been using the NEW POSTS link at top left of page for some time now. I am not sure if it is just the way I use it or something but it often doesnt show any new posts available when I click on it. I can scroll down and see that there are new posts from over night that I have not seen. I...
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    Rear Sprocket finish Paint or Powdercoating?

    I wasnt sure exactly where to post this, but I bought a 43T rear sprocket to put on the bike and kinda like the stock rear sprocket color. My new one is natural aluminum and wondered if anyone knew if the stock one was powder coated or painted or what? Just wondering, I might make the new one...
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    Aftermarket Air Filter Which one?

    There may be a thread on here about it, but I searched and found nothing. Was wondering if anyone had any data or information on which aftermarket higher flow air filters worked best, pros and cons, problems or warnings etc. I have used K&N in the past, UNI and a couple of BMC i think it was...
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    Thread Tools tab

    I used to be able to use a Thread Tools tab to subscribe to threads etc. I dont see it anymore, and I see no way to subscribe to threads other than posting to them now. Can someone clear up those missing tabs that used to include Thread Tools? Thanks, Vaughn