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    Incoming new product, Piston Kits!

    Ordered the piston before the season and must say it really looks high quality made and has in comparison with the OEM one visibly stronger design. Now further one, it got installed together with a new thin head gasket and got to be at the engine for maybe some 2 hours of track time before the...
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    Daytona Gearing

    Instead of chain gearing, you would like to speak about the 6th gear replacement at the gearbox for taller final gearing. At least on tracks with long straights the gearing normally has to be chosen based at the rpm limit on straights, which usually means a loss at acceleration on places where...
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    10.000rpm limit removal

    Hi, from extended track use experience, i can say that the engine does keep going until around 11, 800 RPM and with the right gearing, we have pushed out 192km/h at straight. Going for extended periods of time at that level does come at a great cost of reliability on this thumper. I would not...
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    Valve spring kit, 1 LEFT

    I did just notice that the SSP300 kit has actually few elements included that might be worth of consideration with heavier valves. One of such is the 1,0 mm preload compensation washers for valve springs. @Superpacman13 - what do you say, would you consider these heavier valves to work ok with...
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    10.000rpm limit removal

    ...valves to the head high probably :D
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    Performance Valve Kit

    @Superpacman13 - now we're talking. New cylinder and also valves at the market to eliminate the top end reliability issues. I need to put my shopping hat on as you bring back some hope 390 can be made to be "ready to race" as it is stated on the engine cover. With these improve valves and Ti...
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    Alert Indian welding quality- flywheel goes kaboom.

    Let's see. Setting aside the weak top-end I have hardly needed to deal with the bottom end of the engine. After a complete head rebuild before the season (new valve seats, valves, and machining) plus replacing the head bolts with hard alloy studs, the thing actually hold together the whole...
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    Alert Indian welding quality- flywheel goes kaboom.

    Well, I was unaware of that one before, but apparently, the flywheel of 390 is another prone for catastrophic failure item- seems mine was not the first one to separate.
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    Valve spring kit, 1 LEFT

    Need to investigate does this does set any restrictions on what head gaskets to use, but in overall, a great initiative from @Superpacman13 to ensure 390 could be considered as a reliable racing platform with adequate upgrades.
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    Valve spring kit, 1 LEFT

    @tylercarbone - hey, that is a good reference, I was not even aware there has been such an improved cylinder head been developed by GrayArea (y). That does go to my shop-list for sure if i come up with a decision to continue racing KTM anymore due to the immense unreliability of that engine as...
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    Alert Indian welding quality- flywheel goes kaboom.

    Well, a nice end to the racing season- 9 laps at the second position and then 1 corner before the finish line the bike shuts down with an awful noise so my kid literally pushes the bike over the finish line for the last 50m. Damn Yamahas claim another 2nd position due to KTM inability to last...
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    Valve spring kit, 1 LEFT

    Investigated already during last year and looks that at the moment the only parts you can obtain for the valvetrain for O365 are the TI-retainers and then performance cams what DC Racing has on sale. As Cjwell claimed the OEM springs are too weak to accept more aggressive cam based on his...
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    Failing strator rivets

    Well, might be a one-off manufacturing fault of this particular engine or caused by the fact the CUP bike is used for the racing track, but last week there started to sound awful sound from beneath the stator cover after one racing session and when opening the side of the engine up to inspect...
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    Engine blew up during race

    For avoiding overrevving the engine on downshift at the race track, an aftermarket slipper clutch is really reccommended.. Experience with KTM slipper were that it did improve the situation with wheel hop but still caused the engine to rev pretty high at engine braking. Now later with TSS...
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    New rc390 + new tyga

    The engine itself does fine, except the top end- common gasket and valve issues are what really set KTM quality apart from Yamaha/Kawasaki, at least when you intend to use the bike for racing purposes. Would be really nice to have the performance camshaft/spring kit back on the market...
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    New Sato Sliders: Thoughts?

    IF anyone misses to get rid of the engine case /frame while falling instead of repairing fairings and cosmetical damage, then these frame/engine mounted sliders are the best way to achieve that :D Experience does come mainly from the racing track, but it is way cheaper on replacing the...
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    Head gasket experience on 2017 and newer models?

    All right, another head gasket at our 2015 CUP went and this time it was even the Cometic thin 2 layered one. Oddly enough, this one behaved especially "sneaky" as the leak did appear only with the fully heated engine under WOT what made the initial troubleshooting even more difficult as the...
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    Manual radiator fan toggle switch

    Well, you choose the options, just noting the extra monitoring gadgets do not in any way improve the system cooling ability or reliability- where you literally would need to make modification to the setup. Just my 5 cents on these out of several years of racing experience of a bunch of 390s...
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    Manual radiator fan toggle switch

    2 things to improve the OEM setup, throw out the nasty and flow-restricting plastic thermostat and install a proper SPAL fan instead of an unreliable OEM piece of junk. These things made, one should not have a need for constant temp gauge monitoring or extra temp probes at the bike -the darn...
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    Broken spark plugs

    If you are cooking the exhaust red hot and burn plugs then probably the engine runs extremely lean. Remove PC5- if you are not exactly sure what AFR the map produces and have just installed it, the fault may be in there as it would be hard to explain running that lean just because of some...