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  1. psych0hans

    Need Help How do you guys with clip ons manage with your switchgear?

    Attaching pics of the place where it’s fouling and damaging my fairings and also causing issues with day-day use.
  2. psych0hans

    Need Help How do you guys with clip ons manage with your switchgear?

    Thanks for replying! I actually already have steering stoppers. The problem is that the stock switchgear is too big and even the aftermarket one I bought isn’t small enough. I’ll take and upload some pictures soon.
  3. psych0hans

    Need Help How do you guys with clip ons manage with your switchgear?

    My switchgear keeps colliding with the bodywork, especially on the left. Is there any compact switchgear available, or will I need to come up with a custom solution?
  4. psych0hans

    Question Looking for a more compact option for my left switch housing

    Hi guys, I have lowered my clip ons and now, unfortunately, the left switch housing is fouling with the fairing. Can you guys please suggest a good replacement for the left switch housing? Picture attached for reference.
  5. psych0hans

    Wanted adjustable Rearsets footpegs for RC 390 bike Check out this thread.
  6. psych0hans

    FS: 2006 R6 Elka 3-way shock modded to fit an RC390

    I actually contacted the Hyper Pro guys regarding this and they claimed that typically any shock with an external reservoir can be mounted upside down, that being said, wouldn’t be a bad idea to get in touch with elka, just to be sure.
  7. psych0hans

    PSA : The original front disc of the RC 390 is HEAVY!!!

    The front disc of the 2014 RC 390 weights 1.81 Kgs!!! It's INSANE!!!! p.s. the scale is calibrated yearly and is accurate to the 10gms or less.
  8. psych0hans

    OEM Slipper Clutch on 2015 RC390 help

    I did this to my bike as well, I was told the clutch cover would have to be changed as well, but they managed to just replace the shaft and the spring which actuates the clutch. I had a really had time at the track with braking and down shifting... The rear wheel would keep locking up and even...
  9. psych0hans

    Ideal tire size combination. 110/150 vs 120/160. Wheel swap.

    Updated pics, rear will go on by tomorrow. Hi guys, I got the front end done a while ago, finally getting the rear also done. Weight savings of almost 3kgs over the original setup, will probably go down a bit once I count in the additional spacers, etc... which might be needed, but that...
  10. psych0hans

    Fender Eliminators recommendations

    My setup, totally illegal, but totally awesome! Just need something to cover that hole...
  11. psych0hans

    Can these adjustable foot pegs be alternatives for resrsets?

    Hi buddy, sorry I haven’t been active here. Been lurking on the Ducati Uk forum a lot off late. I will be posting an update on my twin disc front very soon, as it’s finally been completed. Thanks for your reply, I’ll avoid these in that case and just go in for rearsets as soon as I can. I plan...
  12. psych0hans

    Can these adjustable foot pegs be alternatives for resrsets?

    Have a look at these...
  13. psych0hans

    R6 Master cylinder

    Zombie thread revival time, I installed an R6 master cylinder on my ninja 250 coupled with a 4 pot radial calliper. Uber awesome feel and one finger braking. I’m sure this would be a brilliant replacement for the stock master.
  14. psych0hans

    2015 RC390 Race Bike

    Looks like a really good deal. Good luck with the sale!
  15. psych0hans

    Possibility of front end swap

    I’ve fitted an RS250 wheel in the front with a set of RC8 forks. With the correct spacers the wheels bolted right up and the stock Ducati 320mm disks worked. 10mm offset, I think.
  16. psych0hans

    AV Lithium Batteries

    I’ve decided I’m going to add quick disconnects to each of my bikes so I can disconnect the batter when I’m not riding.
  17. psych0hans

    AV Lithium Batteries

    My ballastic 4 cell went for a toss rather quickly. But that might be because I let it sit for too long without charging.
  18. psych0hans

    R6 rear shock

    Good luck!
  19. psych0hans

    R6 rear shock

    No chance of a Paypal refund? looks like you're being ignored. Join Date08-16-2015Last Activity06-27-2017 07:39 AM
  20. psych0hans

    Hyper pro R1 shock for RC390

    I actually bought a duke hugger and then promptly lost it... lol I'll fit a new one asap.