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    Low voltage co2 sensor

    Hi all any one had this issue them selves I've installed exhaust, filter and rapid bike evo and now bike is chucking up a fault code saying low voltage co2 sensor took All back apart made sure all connected properly and put back together but still having the issue anyone got any ideas please...
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    10.000rpm limit removal

    Good morning world how's everyone's bikes going. Now I've added grey area ktm airbox and over sized injector tyga full system rapid bike evo ignition MNNTHBX airbox lid with dna filter but now seem to hit that rev limit way to early now how do I remove it with out taking sencor out please
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    Ktm rc 390 rpm

    Good evening all how's everyone's bikes going and how do you genuinely remove the rev limiters on a 2018 ktm rc390
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    Tyga exhaust fitted

    Good day all so have fitted the tyga serpent exhaust air filter and waiting on moded airbox lid now trying to decide what piggyback cdi to use and do I go for larger injector powers seems very groggy down low now any advice appreciated
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    New rc390 + new tyga

    Hi all just brought this new any recommendations also brought this buetifull piece of art tyga exhaust that is lol