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  1. Jon W


    Congrats,good looking bike!
  2. Jon W

    New Clutch

    I just ordered one from Barnett , EBC also makes one. Don’t have it yet we’ll see.
  3. Jon W

    Triple clamp clip on

    I unplugged mine and put a 50 amp switch in it’s place.
  4. Jon W

    2016 Akrapovic de cat. How??

    I did several modifications at once so I don’t know what the power gains were. Definitely sound and weight. I was told it had to go!
  5. Jon W

    2016 Akrapovic de cat. How??

    Swap it out with a different mid pipe. I did a auto tune on mine.
  6. Jon W

    New to the Orange Team!

    Welcome to the forum. There’s some good vendors here because you can’t leave it alone.
  7. Jon W

    2017 RC 390 PCV w/AT-200

    I have PCV and a AT-200. I removed the stock 02 sensor and ran it with nothing plugged in.
  8. Jon W

    Racing weight reduction

    I replaced the ignition switch with a spst toggle switch. It’s two wires pretty simple.
  9. Jon W

    RC390 Cup Limter

    Yes,that is it. The ecu isn’t limited.
  10. Jon W

    2019, 2020? Any word on reliability fixes?

    The head has been revised. Lean running, apower commander will fix that.
  11. Jon W

    Exhaust for ‘15 RC390?

    There is Akrapovic no cat slip on on this site for sale. I like the way mine sounds.
  12. Jon W

    Thank you for hosting this site.

    Thank you for hosting this site.
  13. Jon W

    new 2015 RC390 Cup owner

    I have a 2015 cup bike.i am running a power commander with auto tune from KTM performance.i came with their map.
  14. Jon W

    Failure to Start After First Service

    When you adjusted the exhaust was it off the compression release? Just a thought.
  15. Jon W

    Best mid pipe / cat delete for RC390

    I have the mid pipe with cat you can have.
  16. Jon W

    Best mid pipe / cat delete for RC390

    Was told the Akrapovic mid pipe wasn’t sold separately ,so I bought the whole race pipe.
  17. Jon W

    how to remove akra baffle?

    I’ve been told it makes more power with it in. i removed the catalyst that made a difference.
  18. Jon W

    2016 Rc390 Cup or 2017 Rc390 (new) to purchase

    It would be cheaper to start with a Cup bike than to Bild a street bike.
  19. Jon W

    Bay Area, CA CUP Bike: Intro and Questions

    Also drain your anti freeze.
  20. Jon W

    Bay Area, CA CUP Bike: Intro and Questions

    I did three heat cycles. Took it easy one session then rode it like i stole it! I am 200 pounds i had to go stiffer. Tires,i an now running Pirelli slicks 120 front 165 rear. Quick shifter Chad at KTM performance from this site. oh change your oil rite away.