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    Rear Driven Speedo?

    I have a Cup bike, race track only. They don’t have a working speedometer/ odometer because there are no ABS rings on the wheels, no associated sensors or wiring connected the the ECU. As a consequence the ABS light on the dash is always lit. This is normal, as there is no ABS. I’d sort of like...
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    Clearance Issues

    Fully agree, that's always been my strategy for small bikes. "Jack it up until it wiggles, then take it back 1/2 turn!"
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    Track RC390 losing power mid corner

    If I am understanding you correctly, this is a product of lean angle. You can duplicate the gear/ rpm with the bike vertical, and it doesn't happen. So checking the fuel filter was a smart move, I think I'd be inclined to remove the tank and investigate to fuel pickup, there aren't any blockages...
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    Information Your fan is kicking on? So what?

    It seems that a great deal of though, effort and money has been spent on trying to improve the RC’s “deficient” cooling system. SPAL fans, upgraded radiators, even auxiliary electric water pumps. My operating theory at the moment is that these might be solutions in search of a problem. My Cup...
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    Tach Sensor wire

    I did not. There must be hundreds of people out there who know this. I'd like to install a real tach (track bike)
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    Shifter Indexing Spring is not a positive experience. Any good replacements ?

    stretch? seriously? you're putting about 5 pounds of force into that shifter with your foot. Not into a rigid rod that's fixed, either. It's connected to the shift shaft, which rotates. Once you put enough force into the shifter to start the shaft rotating, no way that rod is even flexed/...
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    Shifter Indexing Spring is not a positive experience. Any good replacements ?

    Gray Area KTM, a forum vendor, sells them. If you REALLY want to sort that sloppy shifter out, try one of these, the shift shaft support he has produced- I was skeptical, but this...
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    Need Help WTB Check your junk box please?

    Ignore. For anyone that might find themselves in a similar situation, Matt at will sell you a Tyga Step Kit Replacement Sidestand Spacer STAH-0047C Problem solved!
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    Need Help WTB Check your junk box please?

    I want to put a side stand on my Cup/ Track bike. In order to do that I need the boss on the footpeg bracket that's appropriately angled to mount the side stand. Anyone out there have a broken/ bent/ cracked/ scuffed/ thrashed/ crashed left side footpeg mount? I don't need the footpeg or...
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    [ALL GONE] Stock OEM parts for sale

    Check your PMs
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    Tach Sensor wire

    Wanting to install a small round 2.5" tach on my 2015 Cup. Typically these aftermarket tachs have a green wire that's the sensor or trigger wire. The tach is powered up and properly wired, except it doesn't read rpm. I tried to connect the green wire to the coil ground as suggested for typical...
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    I have a new shift shaft on Ebay. Or am I not allowed to say that here? Item #284334352976
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    WTB: The brass bolt with embedded magnet that attaches to the kickstand and activates the sidestand sensor.

    It''s nothing more than a rare earth magnet. You can buy a set of 20 or more on Ebay for pennies. Just super glue one to the head of any bolt.
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    Tyga Rearsets

    VGC, no major scuffs, warts, especially to the CF heel guards. The scratches on the anodizing will be covered by the bolts/ washers. As best I recall, these are the race version, with no side stand provision. If you're using these on a street bike, you can purchase the STAH-0047C Sidestand...
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    FS/ Trade/ Andreani 8.3 springs

    $55 shipped, or trade for a set of 7.4 springs. I have a set of 7.8, want to try a lighter spring. Or perhaps keep a 7.8 in one leg, run a lighter spring in the other. Don't know what rates are available below 7.8, but I think it's 7.4 Would even consider a spring set lighter than 7.4, I'd just...
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    Making Andreani's Work

    Sorry, I do not. The cartridges (and the needles) are installed in the bike. I suggest you contact Fast Bike Industries- [email protected] They are the US distributor for Andreani, and if they can help you, they will. Their customer service is second...
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    Duke v RC Rake & Trail differences

    Wikipedia gives the following numbers- Duke Rake, Trail- 25°, 100 mm (3.9 in) Wheelbase- 1,367 mm (53.8 in) RC 390- Rake, Trail- 23.5°, 89 mm (3.5 in) Wheelbase- 1,340 mm (53 in) I thought both bikes used the same frame, but I'm open to correction. So these dimensional difference are the...
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    Making Andreani's Work

    :rolleyes: Well Pacman, you just outed yourself! I stayed away from mentioning the installer, as I am very confident you installed them properly. If this isn't some sort of manufacturing flaw, at this point I'm mystified as to the cause.
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    Making Andreani's Work

    Yes. And as expected, there weren't any problems with binding. The bike has just over 1000 miles on it, and I've always reassembled per the service manual, as far as sequence and proper torque. For sure I've always bounced the fork prior ro torquing the axle, which would be the most likely cause...