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  1. green_bread

    Hard to start when "Hot"

    Did you transfer over the spark plug gasket? I know it sounds dumb, but I swapped spark plugs on my 2015 and forgot to swap the gasket. It would start fine when cold but would struggle to idle and/or start when warm. There was also soot being left on the ceramic of the plug.
  2. green_bread

    RC690 is already being sold in North America

    Isn't the 390 version of the Husky the 401? I guess I don't follow what you're saying because to me, it looks like Husky 401 = Duke 390, Husky 701 = Duke 690. They just put on some different plastics, a different top triple clamp, etc. The frame is the big difference between the Duke and the RC...
  3. green_bread

    RC690 is already being sold in North America

    The Huskys are built on the Duke platform, period. If you want proof, look at the fact that it has a bolt on subframe. Now, tell me.. which of the KTMs had a bolt on subframe?
  4. green_bread

    Safety wire for the drain plug

    No, it wont. Remove the stock drain plug and youll see why. Theres a filter screen that sits in behind it, which is why the plug is hollow in the first place.
  5. green_bread

    RC390R Wind Screen

    You should get the Tyga windscreen to work with that kit. The upper looks pretty much identical to the Tyga upper. Looks like youll have to do some additional trimming too: [/FONT][/COLOR]
  6. green_bread

    RC390 KTM powerparts alternative instrument cluster/ analog, mechanical tachometer

    This is the correct info. You wont be able to get the fairing stay without getting the WSS300 kit. If you want to mount a custom gauge, youd be better off going with the Rottweiller that I posted about a while back. RC 390 'MFS' (Modular Fairing System) - rottweilerperformance No, it is not...
  7. green_bread

    T-Rex case covers hitting the ground

    Replace rear shock with one that has adjustable height and raise the rear, as well as the front end. That was the cure for me.
  8. green_bread

    Well, Im out... See ya! :-)

    Some of you may know, others may not. I sold my RC 390 back in the fall and bought an R6. I will be racing it and a CBR500 that my sponsor is building for me in 2019 (hope to have it ready for Daytona in March!). Ill still be around here from time to time but not nearly as much as I used to be...
  9. green_bread

    Track Day Oil Changes

    If I were doing track days, only, I would change the oil every other weekend. Since I also race, I usually change the oil every weekend due to the extra time on track adding up quicker.
  10. green_bread

    Octane for Chad’s maps?

    I have run 91 and 93 both (depending on availability around the tracks Im at) and havent really noticed any difference, one way or the other. Im sure if you put the bike on the dyno, back to back, there would be a small percentage of difference. Im 100% willing to bet that small percentage isnt...
  11. green_bread

    ECU restricted till first service?

    No, it is not true. IIRC, I believe the shift light is programmed to a lower value from the factory, but you can change that, yourself. The actual rev limiter is not set lower, as far as I know. Unless thats something thats changed on the newer models...
  12. green_bread

    RC Windscreen Removal

    Sorry, I believe I misspoke. I actually used the 3 side fairing bolts and the one on the one near the front where the front-most bolt for the windscreen would go. I had a Rottweiler fairing stay that had a threaded spot for that bolt hole. Is that the one you meant?
  13. green_bread

    RC Windscreen Removal

    Pro tip: Go ahead and take it completely off, figure out what is needed and what is not needed when reinstalling. This will make it easier to take everything apart in the future. Thats what I did on my race bike. I got to where all I needed to do was remove the 3 bolts in the side fairing and...
  14. green_bread

    RC Windscreen Removal

    The fiche on shows that there are at least 2 bolts on the side of the bike/windscreen and then the 2 for the mirrors on each side. This is for a 2016, however, I do not believe the design has changed on the newer bikes. Hope this is helpful...
  15. green_bread

    Do I need to adjust my clutch cable?

    How much is it spinning with the clutch pulled in? Can you stop the rear wheel with your hand? I ask because, as stated before, a little bit of drag on the clutch is pretty normal and not much to worry about. If the rear wheel is spinning a lot, though, and you stop it but can feel it really...
  16. green_bread

    Front master cylinder

    If you HAVE to replace the MC, dont go bigger than an RCS-15. I know some people who have tried bigger MCs and they said it was WAY too much.
  17. green_bread

    Front master cylinder

    I personally dont get why people say the stock MC is crappy. I raced on it for three seasons, no problem. The first season, I even still had the ABS installed. Now THAT sucked, and if you still have the ABS system installed, maybe that is your problem more than the MC. ABS delete with SS lines...
  18. green_bread

    Akra Map Flash

    You do not want to do the flash before you put the exhaust on the bike, IMO. You should install the exhaust, then get them to flash the ECU. As far as it needing to be a track bike, its probably because of the emissions stuff and they cant legally flash bikes for road use to eliminate the...
  19. green_bread

    Clearance Issues

    I cant give you exact numbers, but the Dave Moss advice is good advice. Do that, for sure! Where are your forks in relation to the triple clamp? Are they flush or are the tops of the forks moved down in to the clamp some? What does your rear shock measure, eye to eye, in MM?
  20. green_bread

    Looking to buy an RC390 so I thought I would join the community

    Looking at an R6, right now. I would love to get on a Ninja 400 but the club I race with doesnt allow them in our Ultralight class and probably wont next year, either. Im gonna try stepping up to a bigger bike where there are bigger grids and hopefully, more competition.