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  1. ReidMcT

    RC390 vs Ninja 400 - yammienoob

    Yeah, I was killing him when he was on the 400. Coming up behind him, I was struck by how low the pegs looked, so I think you are right about that. Of course, the 390's stock pegs are kinda low for track use, though yammienoob hasn't yet installed rearsets on his RC. I'm bringing him some...
  2. ReidMcT

    top end gaskets Read the details about spark plugplug, head prep, bolts.
  3. ReidMcT

    620mile Valve Clearance Parts and Tools (RC 390 2017)

    please share the new valve clearance specs, preferably in a new thread. many thanks!
  4. ReidMcT

    New Owner

    I have a little experience so far, having done two track days so far on them. You give up a little of the weight saving because the rear takes a 160 tire, which generally weighs a bit more than the stock 150 - or the 140s that some folks use. That said, and considering I have only about 40...
  5. ReidMcT

    my sight glass shows max level at only 700 ml

    Did you follow the directions in the owners manual? If not, then you probably did not drain as much oil as you put in. Result: overfill. You also should follow the instructions for filling after draining.
  6. ReidMcT

    Hi from New Zealand

    Excessive valve clearances make them tick. Jk. Welcome!
  7. ReidMcT

    How to replace turn signals

    Without a special wrench that you probably don't have, you will need to remove the side fairing. That is not really difficult. Then it will be pretty obvious and easy to remove the one nut that holds the signal stalk. Pliers will do the job.
  8. ReidMcT

    RC390 vs Ninja 400 - yammienoob

    Yammienoob is a popular Youtuber. His main audience is new riders and wannabe riders. He bought a 390 from me, and rides at my track. I get a brief mention around 11:25 in this comparo when he takes the 390 out to play. You'll also see a classic Rothmans Honda NSR 250.
  9. ReidMcT

    Parting out a VERY SPECIAL RC390 it has EVERYTHING

    Just a note to say, buy with confidence from Aaron. I bought the wheels, tires, chain, sprockets; and everything came perfectly packed and exactly as advertised.
  10. ReidMcT

    Question Looking for a more compact option for my left switch housing

    There are many available on Amazon, Revzilla, and elsewhere. Whether they are lower profile than your stocker is TBD. Another option may be to install a steering stop, available from at least two of our site sponsor...
  11. ReidMcT

    WANTED: rc390 motor

    Mileage? Condition? Running? Price?
  12. ReidMcT

    Is this part of the EFI or ?

    The fuel tank vent hose should go to the evap system (charcoal canister/solenoid). Only the drain hose should go to the catch tank... unless the evap is deleted.
  13. ReidMcT

    Is this part of the EFI or ?

    Probably in practice it doesn't matter, but I would still move the hose to one of the inlet ports. The outlet - being a raised nipple - seems less likely to allow any fluids to slosh out of the tank.
  14. ReidMcT

    KTM RC390 for first track bike?

    I am 6'2" and 186 pounds plus gear. My RC is track-only. I think it fits me very well. Some people replace the brake lines in order to eliminate the ABS feature. I like my ABS just fine, though I won't argue against those who dislike it. The stock rear spring is weak for a rider of my...
  15. ReidMcT

    KTM RC390 for first track bike?

    Regarding brakes, you can get a HUGE improvement just by installing some HH pads in the front. It totally transforms braking from poor to very good, for about $25 or so. And it is super-easy to do the job - about 2 minutes.
  16. ReidMcT

    Fork stiction - need to shim wheel spacers??

    Problem solved. It was caused by a Tyga slider, whose design does not impress me.
  17. ReidMcT

    Fork stiction - need to shim wheel spacers??

    OK, I've found a source for the shims I might try: Still, I'd like to hear thoughts on this topic. With no tension of the axle screw, the forks operate very smoothly. It seems to me that shimming won't do any harm, even if it is not getting...
  18. ReidMcT

    Fork stiction - need to shim wheel spacers??

    For some time, I've felt that my forks have more stiction than they should. I've now confirmed that the reason is that there is a small amount of play - perhaps 0.3 mm - between the for legs and the wheel bearing spacers. So, when I tighten the axle screw on the left side, the fork legs are...
  19. ReidMcT

    2017 RC390 engine check light on after fitting Powertronic ecu

    I'd start by reading the fault codes to get a clue. If you don't have an adapter cable and reader, one is for sale cheap on this forum:
  20. ReidMcT

    Lack of top end speed?

    I just realized a typo in Chad's username above. No wonder you couldn't find him! It is cjwell Sorry for the mistake. I hope he can help you.