1. Y

    The Definitive ABS Removal Thread

    I’ve searched extensively on this forum, the duke 390 forum, and the internet at large, but still have some questions. There is surprising little in the way of real information, other than complaints about how difficult it is to access and remove the unit itself. Please don’t hijack this...
  2. N

    Engaging front ABS on track

    I engaged front ABS quite a few times on track after straights; I didn't even realized that I am braking hard and it didn't felt that I am braking hard, but the ABS still engaged. Is the ABS on 2017 RC 390 conservative, so it turns on before the wheel locks up? I am removing ABS, so I wanted to...
  3. T

    Remove ABS system for racing?

    Hey, just wanted to know what others have done with the ABS module for racing. Have you removed it and just connected the brake lines directly to the master cylinders or have you just left all the lines as standard and turned the ABS off? Whats it like either way....more feel with direct?? thanks
  4. K

    Ktm rc 390 abs bypass

    Hello my name is Claudio .... I need to remove the ABS module, to connect the brakes with direct line. I would like to help me disarm the bike. Is it necessary to remove the fuel tank or the battery holder or both ??? And the other question, are the ABS electrical connection lines left ??? Is...
  5. S

    Is there an ABS removal write up anywhere?

    Wondering if anyone has done a write up on the complete removal of all the ABS stuff? Thanks, Mike
  6. R

    rc390 2017 abs light

    is this normal?when i start my bike abs lighr is on and aftr i start moving light came off..before even im moving light of abs indicator is glowing?i thinks abs have problem?
  7. R

    rc3902017 abs light

    is this normal?when i start my bike abs lighr is on and aftr i start moving light came off..before even im moving light of abs indicator is glowing?i thinks abs have problem?
  8. boogieman065

    320mm rotor work ABS

    When I look at the 320mm rotors, I don't see the ABS rings. Do 320mm rotors still work with ABS?
  9. J

    Abs failure

    Hi, my name is John , im new in the forum. I have a RC 390 2017, When I start the bike, an error appears, says ABS Failure, Then disappears, appears only during power-up. I need to know if it's normal. Thank you, best regards
  10. mdabyo

    Racing weight reduction

    hey guys, wondering what things people have hacked off the bike to save weight :) Right now i am thinking: - Open airbox - small savings - battery - ABS removal + all the usual race parts, bodywork, rearsets, etc. What else can be removed? have people removed? -J
  11. G

    A.B.S removal but keep the speedo using nkn abs parts

    Hello rc forum users , im no stranger to bikes i have a few and ive raced sport bikes previously. Ive recently bought a rc390 new i think there a smart looking bike and after watching them at bsb a couple of years back thought it might make a fun little bike. its done 35 mile and in bits in the...
  12. cornerslider

    Brake help?

    I've never owned a bike with ABS before this one. I figured I would just disable it when doing track days? Honestly, after riding it, I don't even notice the ABS (even on the track), so I don't disable it. I have a completely STOCK brake system. My last couple track days the front brake has been...
  13. S

    Abs removal

    So three hours ago i bravely decided that the abs needs to be gone before Fridays sessions. I had ordered new banjo bolts and coppers last week and they arrived so it was time. Seat, tank, side fairings off. Tank, actually just moved aside, Battery out, and battery tray loose. Ignition coil...
  14. T

    2015 KTM RC390 ABS for Sale - $6,200

    2015 KTM RC390 ABS: asking $6,200 Mint Condition 2015 KTM RC 390 ABS only 550 miles on Speedo, 12,000 mile Warranty in effect thru 6/23/16. Over $500 in accessories added, including Black Shorty CNC brake/clutch levers, R&G Frame sliders, Rear Stand Bobbins, Fender / Tail eliminator, and rear...
  15. KTMPerformance

    ABS bypass brake line - NOW AVAILABLE IN CUSTOM COLORS

    We just added the orange and black color scheme to our online catalog. Other colors are available, let us know what you'd like to see! KTM Store :: KTM Street Powerparts :: 390 DUKE :: Brakes :: KTM PERFORMANCE ABS BYPASS BRAKE LINES FOR 390
  16. B

    ABS Removal

    I just finished removing the ABS system on my RC390, what a exercise in frustration!!!!!!! LOL Happy Thanksgiving my American friends.
  17. ehanda

    ABS Light

    When I first got my bike the ABS light would always stay on while I was riding it now it's only lit when the engine isn't running. Is this normal or should I take it in to get looked at?
  18. Ryanthegreat1

    ABS Functions?

    Does the ABS on the RC prevent stoppies or nose wheelies? Seems to me like it does. Doing some back road testing and finding that no matter how hard grab a handful of front brake I can not get the rear tire off the ground. I then turned off the ABS and the first time I go for the front brake I...
  19. J

    Need wiring diagram help, Speedo/ABS question

    Apparently, the speedo will not work if you remove the ABS unit (under gas tank) even if you leave the wheel speed sensors hooked-up. The wheel speed info must go thru the harness and into, and-out-of, the ABS unit before getting to the dash. It's a big multi-pin connector to the unit, I hope...
  20. Edwardp33

    Beware of the KTM fork upgrade

    Just purchase an RC390 mostly for use as a track bike, but also with plans for street riding. I purchase the KTM power parts RC Cup fork upgrade. Speedo and ABS will not work with these forks. These forks do not have a mount for the speedometer sensor. As a result the speedo reads incorrectly...