1. M

    rear brake locking at the end of my commute....

    Hi Guys, I have a 2016 that was fully service less than 1000 miles ago. I noticed my RC losing power on the way home from my work commute, and when I couldn't roll it in neutral I figured out the rear brakes were locked. They released after about 30 minutes of cooling down. I rode for a bit...
  2. othebe

    Should I change my brake pads?

    Came into the bus stop over at Buttonwillow, 5th gear WOT when I realized I had no brakes. Ended up on a pleasant gardening trip into the fields. Wish I had my camera running, that would have been epic. So yea, don’t be like me. Check your brakes regularly, or carry a buttload of spare...
  3. sheemotos

    Front master cylinder

    I need a mster cylinder for 16 rc390. Any suggestions My OEM is supr spongie
  4. K

    Ktm rc 390 abs bypass

    Hello my name is Claudio .... I need to remove the ABS module, to connect the brakes with direct line. I would like to help me disarm the bike. Is it necessary to remove the fuel tank or the battery holder or both ??? And the other question, are the ABS electrical connection lines left ??? Is...
  5. Superpacman13

    Rc 732 r

    Here is a little insight into our in house special project, we jammed a big bore 690 into a 2015 RC 390. It was so succesful that it got 2nd in its first ever race! Here are a few specs to make you dream. 290lbs wet 70hp 60ft lbs Uses all RC 390 spares 690 duke wheels and brakes 120/165 Ride...
  6. HardRacing

    Guy Wheelies the Entire Isle of Man TT Course - 37.7 Miles!

    . Wow. This Guy Wheelies the Entire Isle of Man TT Course - 37.7Miles! .
  7. HardRacing

    Who's right? Lorenzo or Rossi ?

    Who watched the San Marino Moto GP Race this past weekend ? Well, it sounds like Lorenzo's lashing out @ Rossi for aggressive moves during the race. We want to know, what do you think ? MotoGP San Marino: Rossi/Lorenzo in post-race verbal spat .
  8. Treachery

    Installing the Brembo RCS-15 Front Master Cylinder

    I thought about some alternate titles, along the lines of "now I can stop" or "can you stop this?", but decided to play it straight. Well, except for a semi-funny OG story: BMW introduced the first motorcycle with anti-lock brakes (ABS) in 1988. Long time BMW owners opined that "shoot, BMWs...
  9. M

    Braking System - Anyone looking into upgrade it?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum. I have been owning the RC about three months now. About time to look into some upgrades for the bike. As I ride more often with the bike, I found that the stock BYBRE braking system got some room of improvement. The braking feel is not as firm as I...
  10. HardRacing

    GALFER BRAKE UPGRADE KIT for KTM, Install Video, Brake Tests and results. ..!!

    . After weeks of rain, and rain and more rain... we finally got some good weather and were able to complete our Brake Testing. So prior to doing any brake upgrades, we went out and tested the STOCK brakes. Tire pressures were all checked, brakes were seated w/ plenty of pad material...
  11. psych0hans

    Now that I'm finally riding the bike...

    Hi guys, I finally managed to get some time to take the Hulk out and stretch her legs a bit... Did a 100 mile round trip, up the mountains, to enjoy the twisties... All I can say is WOW! The bike is really amazing for what it is and I totally loved riding it. It's really peppy and totally...
  12. M

    Brakes soft from the sun?

    I took my bike to the car wash today for the first time. The brakes obviously got some nice water cooling. When I left and hit the brakes the first time I was startled by how firm they were and how much they grabbed. My bike sits in the Texas sun all day. Could this have something to do with...
  13. srt4evah

    Motorcycle USA head to head small bike review

    2015 Entry-Level Sportbike Shootout - Motorcycle USA The KTM is actually heavier than the Honda, although far better. Strange thing I'm noticing in all these reviews is that the Yamaha R3 seems to be all over the place depending on who reviewed it. Some say the brakes and suspension are...
  14. R

    Abs for track?

    So what are you track guys doing about the abs brakes on the track?
  15. emeglasson

    very significant brake upgrade!

    Figured you all might get a kick out of this, and have a few opinions to share about the concept as well. My buddy and I both picked up our 390's two weeks ago. We did a track day the first weekend we owned them. We both agreed, the bikes are awesome, but the brakes needed some work. I...