exhaust system

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    Question Replacement for OEM silencer/cat

    So I have a generation 1 RC (2014), is there a solution of getting rid of the heavy OEM pre-silencer / decat but keeping the clean exhaust look? I don’t want a long pipe but I would like a lighter pre silencer which makes a bit more of a meaty sound. Does anyone know anything like that?
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    Need help for upgrade 2018 ktm rc390 exhaust system

    My bike is 2018 KTM RC390. I wanna upgrade the exhaust system, here are some options for me, please give me some suggestions. 1. Tyga full system, wss300 or serpent 2. Tyga header + Akra slip-on (15-16) 3. Competition Werkes Cat Delete + Akra slip-on I wanna know what's the advantages and...