1. N

    Cam chain tensioner big bolt/nut

    Hi, i just got a torque wrench, and was torqueing things down to spec around my bike. I misread the shop manual and tried to tighten the big bolt on the cam chain tensioner. It went tighter, then went limp. What does that bolt do? will i need to buy a new tensioner? do i have to open the engine...
  2. S

    2022 RC390 engine stalls while downshifting

    I'm a new owner of a 2022 RC390 with 1,000 miles on it. The bike came with an exhaust and a Rapid Bike Racing module installed. I rode it about 200 miles and everything seemed to work great. Plenty of power and very punchy. However, I did my first track day on the bike last week and some...
  3. A

    How To Ktm RC 390 high coolant temp and low fuel level

    Hi, This is Aryan from Australia. I have a KTM RC 390 MY2015. I have it for almost a year. 2 months ago I while I was riding back from work. It just suddenly shut off showing high coolant temperature and low fuel levels on the display while the tank being full and bike was not even 5 min in...
  4. B

    Need Help Decat or decat and resonator delete for rc390 2018

    I'm new to the forum . I have a confusing in choosing between decat or do both decat and resonator . My preference is to maximum gains after dyno tune and i dont need my bike sound as loud as full system (cops problem).
  5. S

    Need Help I think my bike shit the bed, or did I?

    So Ive had my RC 390 four roughly 5 months and I cased a pothole roughly a month ago, bought new rims and tires, as well as new abs disks and replaced the rear stuff, everything was great, few weeks later replaced the front and now my bike has a plethora of problems suddenly, speedometer reads...
  6. R

    RC390/duke/adven 20-23 fuelprogrammer BDSB

    Fuel programmer from best dual sport bikes. Com for 20-23rc390/duke and adventure. Gives you full control when to add fuel at what rpm. Or take away etc. 125obo +shipping. Unless local. Seattle area...
  7. A

    BoosterPlug KTM RC 390 (2017 - 2020) for Sale

    Selling a brand new and never used BoosterPlug KTM RC 390 (2017 - 2020). Never got around to installing it. I am in Toronto, Canada. Asking for $100 USD or $120 CAD. I prefer local shipping/pickup but we can discuss shipping to the US. More info...
  8. B

    2018 KTM DUKE 390 For Sale! SF Bay Area, CA

    FOR SALE! EMAIL ME FOR MORE PHOTOS!! 2018 KTM DUKE 390 13k MILES Located in BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA Just had scheduled 3rd service & OIL CHANGE @ KTM/CALMOTO LIVERMORE, CA CLEAN DMV TITLE IN HAND! 2-Sets of Plastics w /Decals: White & Orange 2-Headlight Plastics: Orange & Black 2-Front...
  9. M

    Need Help My mpl, mp/100l, and Average Speed gauges are not working on my 2015 rc390.

    They are not accurate, I zero out my miles every time I fill up but it never reads right. Like I'll zero out and get onto 55mph roads but after 30 minutes of riding it will say 'average speed: 18mph' Does anybody know the reason or have the same problems.?
  10. E

    Need Help Mid pipe for 2014-15 RC390

    Hi Guys, I own a 2014-15 RC390 and looking to put a performance exhaust. I bought a second hand Akrapovic slipon with leo vince mid pipe. The guy I bough it from was using that setup on 2017 RC390, i thought the same setup would go on 2014-15 RC390 but I was wrong. The mid pipe fits the header...
  11. K


    2 minutes 2 seconds is not a fast speed ( 300 CLASS TRACK RECORD is 01:51 ) but three months ago, my collarbone was broken and I'm recovering now for better lap time option ) RAPID BIKE RACING RP EXHAUST FRP REAR SET SPRINT FILTER I'll upload South korea trackday video and image :)
  12. K


    HI :)
  13. Shady1994

    Can’t rev past 6000rpms

    Hey Everyone, I have a 2019 RC 390 and I just ran into a problem with it, hoping someone on here can give me a good advice on how to navigate it because dealerships are not really an option. So the bike was running fine except I have a slow gas leak that occurs when my tank is full, I decided...
  14. FrenchieHero

    KTM or Bust?

    Kind of feeling lost here folks. Bikes in the shop. Might cost me 2 grand in repairs, low km head gasket gone. What happened to modern high quality in bikes? I always thought KTM was the pinnacle of the motorcycling world but it appears not. Heck my kawasaki ninja you could give a good...
  15. S

    New rc390 + new tyga

    Hi all just brought this new any recommendations also brought this buetifull piece of art tyga exhaust that is lol
  16. Ruan

    Trouble code - P1505

    Good day, This morning when I wanted to go for a drive on my KTM RC390 - 2017 model , a notification popped up saying my side stand is down but was already half way down the block and it wasn’t down , it cut out and when I started the bike the engine light stayed on , I plugged in my...
  17. K

    What’s this under pillion seat it looks like some kind of bypass in my rc 390 2016

    I think my abs doesn’t work because of this...can anyone tell me what’s this?
  18. K

    What’s this in my rc 390 2016

  19. T

    2015 KTM RC390 Race bike. AHRMA race winner. $3,900

    Location : Texas Details: Andreani Fork Kit Ohlins Shock KT303 Yoshimura exhaust Power Commander V tuned on dyno Custom air box lid Motion Pro Revolver throttle Race belly pan Race tail Custom machined triple clamp Clip ons TYGA Racing nose and windscreen TYGA rear sets Ignition delete/kill...
  20. N

    2015 ktm rc390

    Runs great no problems with it. ~7350 miles this is a commuter bike and has never been tracked or raced. LED headlights t rex frame sliders and engine guards all around comfort seat rear peg block off plates adjustable levers brand new diablo rosso 3 tires no performance modifications so as to...