1. mdabyo

    2015 KTM RC390 Race bike.

    Firstly bike is located on the east coast of Canada, but can arrange shipping if needed. Price $5000 - Bike (clean Ontario title, never registered here as it was a track bike from new)- Andreani Cartridges- JRI Rear Shock- Top-end engine upgrade with KTM performance valve spring kit (includes...
  2. A

    '15 cup suspension mods

    Hello, I just purchased a '15 cup bike with 1mile on the odometer.(KTM had used it for a media event, this one had the least amount of rash) my intent is to use it for track days and club racing in the Sr group (I'm 60+). the front end seems stiff compared to the rear. the sag front/rear from...
  3. S

    ktm part out

    Since there is no interest in the bike itselt, I am forced to part it out. No deals will be made on parts since they are all brand new. Prices are firm tyga wsp300 exhaust-$1000 engine-rebuilt, ported, custom cams, tyga retainers, new valves and pistions, slipper clutch. rear wheel dynoed at...
  4. M

    rear brake locking at the end of my commute....

    Hi Guys, I have a 2016 that was fully service less than 1000 miles ago. I noticed my RC losing power on the way home from my work commute, and when I couldn't roll it in neutral I figured out the rear brakes were locked. They released after about 30 minutes of cooling down. I rode for a bit...
  5. O

    F/S: Stock '15 RC390 Parts

    For sale I have OEM components off my '15 RC. These parts are all in excellent working condition. Prices do not include shipping, and are all OBO. 1. Rear Sets (L+R): $60 2. Triple Clamp and Bars: $40 3. Rear Shock: $40 4. MNNTHBX Fender Eliminator: $40 5. OEM Bellypan with exhaust block off...
  6. boogieman065

    FS: R6 rear shock conversation with 2 cores

    SOLD Formula390 - Parts
  7. P

    Replacing rear wheel/ Adjusting rear sag

    I only ride my RC390 on the street but felt chatter from the stock Metzlers riding hard in Arkansas. I put Bridgestone 020 Evo front and rear. I’ve put rear tires on about 20 different bikes in my life but was unable to get this rear to accept the brake pads. I finally gave up and am riding it...
  8. Y

    The Definitive ABS Removal Thread

    I’ve searched extensively on this forum, the duke 390 forum, and the internet at large, but still have some questions. There is surprising little in the way of real information, other than complaints about how difficult it is to access and remove the unit itself. Please don’t hijack this...
  9. O

    WTB Rear Shock

    Hi Folks, In the market for a rear shock for my '15 RC 390. Hit me with what ya got. Thanks,
  10. E

    Need new parts for my 2017 RC390

    2017 RC390 got laid down this evening. Not much broke, but it's hard finding parts for 2017. I need a new right side rear mirror, handlebar, fairing, rear brake pedal, and that's pretty much it. Of these parts , which ones are different from 2015/2016? I'm not able to find part number for 2017...
  11. Botts

    Bitubo XXF11 on 2017 RC390 - Fitment check?

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade the suspension on my 2017 RC390. I would like to do the Bitubo rear (P/N: KT003XXF11) but they only list it for 2014-2016, and Bitubo was unable to confirm fitment. I would usually have just taken the chance on it, but I know that the R6 rear will not clear the...
  12. T

    2015 rc390 part out

    lots of 2015 rc390 parts. all parts pictures in good condition and work. also have the swingarm, rims(need to be repainted), front and rear break calipers, gas tank cover and rider seat
  13. N

    Rear Brake Reservoir Delete

    What's the hose size of the rear brake reservoir? Would this Honda kit work ( for RC 390?
  14. H

    Fs 2015 rc 390 street/race bike part out

    Updated March 27th Parting out my 2015 RC390 that I was prepping to race. Moving and can't repair fix due to time frame. Moving in 2 months. Parts are located in Washington state, us Buyer pays shipping. Shipping is from 98041 Bothell, Wa 350 2015 FRAME Straight no damage clean Washington...
  15. F

    T-Rex case covers hitting the ground

    So I took my RC out to the track for my first track day ever and after running around the short circuit was hitting my peg feelers and then I drug my case protector on the left side. It obviously wasn’t good and stepped out my rear tire mid corner almost getting to use my frame sliders. Has...
  16. D

    Tire fitment question

    Hi, I was wondering if 120/70ZR-17 ( front tire ) and 170/60R-17 ( rear ) fit on a 2017 390? Thanks in advance :)
  17. S

    Rc390 & duke race and performance parts new --ohlins--pc--ktm performance--trex

    Hi all prices + shipping from 14304 NY, no pickup. bike was a 2016 RC390 bike is gone, headgasket went, locked the rear and low sided the bike on a slow corner into grass and mud. I can provide pics of the items if required. LMK if there are any questions. thanks CANISTER REMOVAL KIT____$...
  18. Superpacman13

    2015 RC 390 Track

    I am selling my personal RC to modernize the fleet. This is a track bike and has been raced for 2 full seasons. It is being sold with fresh bodywork and a fresh rebuild, list of goodies is enormous but I will do my best to list them all below. Asking $5500 in Springfield, Oregon. Can easily ship...
  19. R

    Why does my rear tyre slide out so often?

    I own a 2014 KTM RC390 which I’ve been riding for about two years now. For a long time I’ve noticed the rear tyre always seems to want to slide out through the corners. I feel like this is preventing me from getting as low as I’d like too. Could it be attributed to an imbalance in the bikes...
  20. J

    rear camera mount

    ok, before you flame on, I know this isn't a fancy car, but a simple bike. Hear me out. The mirrors are only ok, and the actual rear view is almost non existant. Today I put in a rear view camera on a customers car. it was cheap so its always on. IE, not just in reverse. The monitor was...