1. A

    how to remove akra baffle?

    hi, i have one track day on my (new to me) bike, and surprisingly the exhaust is too quiet. I tend to shift by ear, and would like to hear the exhaust note. looking at the dbkiller install, it looks permanent. has anyone been able to remove and reinstall the akra dbkiller? if so, how? thanks...
  2. L

    Rc 390 2017 stock header and tyga replace

    Hi does anyone know how to get the rc 390 2017 stock header off it get stuck between the engine and frame when I try to remove it surely I don’t have to remove the engine ?
  3. B

    RC Windscreen Removal

    Hi all - I recently purchased a 2018 RC 390. I might just be dense here, but I'm finding it difficult to remove the bike's stock windscreen. I was unable to remove the two bolts that are tucked just under the side fairing. I even removed three bolts from the side fairing and still wasn't able to...
  4. K

    Ktm rc 390 abs bypass

    Hello my name is Claudio .... I need to remove the ABS module, to connect the brakes with direct line. I would like to help me disarm the bike. Is it necessary to remove the fuel tank or the battery holder or both ??? And the other question, are the ABS electrical connection lines left ??? Is...
  5. mattv

    Random bits of info (or how not to make the same mistakes I did)

    Random bits of info (or how not to make the same mistakes I did) This is just random bits of info I learned when I did this stuff: New radiator PowerTRONIC ECU JRi shock Emissions removal Some other miscellaneous crap The airbox cover has two tabs towards the back that slip into slots on...
  6. ShawnB

    GP Shift upgrade free

    GP shift on a 2015 RC/Duke 390 I like gp/reverse shifting on my race bikes and while I was waiting for my rear sets to come in the mail I did a few track days testing recently and wanted to covert to GP shift, here’s how I did it without buying any parts. Remove the small sprocket cover...
  7. C

    2017 RC390 airbox mod?

    Hi there, can anyone tell me if it's possible to perform the same or similar airbox mod that can be done on the 2016 model, on the 2017 model (hot airgun, remove top cover then use bracket or ' bottom' of the cover that is left to secure the AF)? Thanks, Adam
  8. Lemans_72

    How do I remove the head light ?

    HI I am about to fit the race front faring from Tyga But I have no idea how to remove the head light. Anyone ?!
  9. Lemans_72

    Nose Cone Fitting Instruction

    Hi Guys! I am about to receive my package early next week :cool: upper cowling / nose cone race and GP SEAT :cool::cool::cool: I was wondering if they was any fitting instructions somewhere ? Couldn't find anything on their website. Specially about how to remove the front light. Not sure if I...
  10. S

    Removing RC 390 stock Handlebars

    Can someone tell me how to remove the stock handle bars from an rc390? Mine seem to be really stuck on and I am struggling to remove them. I have DRIVEN Halo clip ons to install but I can get the OEM bars off.
  11. chevaliernoir

    "ne tire pas la langue"

    "Ne tire pas la langue" means "don't stick your tong out". This is what i've been told by my mum' many years ago. Now, I want to say the same to my RC... due to the position lights, and the hole in front of the headlamp I tried to solve it in an easy way called 90508908044, meaning "KTM Racing...
  12. chevaliernoir

    over heating -> remove calorstat (?)

    Hello Our bikes are famous for over heating easily. I removed the grind in front of the radiator but it's not enough. I'm thinking to remove the calorstat inside the collant line, on order the water goes more easily to the radiator. Of course the engine will tame more time to warm up, but for...
  13. O

    Decat of the stock exhaust

    Anyone done it? Tips! Tricks? Advice? Results? ive done a bunch of KTM 950s that were pretty easy to remove. This I guess will require cutting. Thanks.
  14. commandodave

    Petrol tank removal question

    Posted elsewhere i asked for a wiring diagram so I can install some heated grips. As a corollary, "How in the heck does one remove the petrol tank?" I tried to dismount it, but I am obviously overlooking some fasteners, as it is still solidly mounted. Again the owner's manual tells me how to...
  15. R

    Spark Plug

    Noob question: I'm looking to change my spark plug and could not see it with the ferrings off. Do i need to remove the tank?
  16. paige

    bodywork removal for oil change?

    i feel like a while ago i read that someone was explaining how you didn't need to remove all the body work to do an oil change but i can't seem to find the thread. is this the case? can you just remove the belly pan and not the side panels? thanks!
  17. K

    Help! --- Air filter change

    Hey everyone....sorry might be a noob good working on cars but for some reason I cant seem to be able to remove the gas tank? Anyone have any instructions on being able to change the air filter? Much help appreciated thank you!
  18. S

    Bar ends removal?

    Does anyone know how to remove the factory bar ends? I've taken the bolts out but how do you remove the insides?