1. RCMNS

    New Owner

    Hi! I am an American that moved to a semi-rural area in India about a year ago. My first year here I rode a scooter and recently bought a 160. Other than 15 minutes on a carbureted CBR 600, I never rode a motorcycle in the US. So I started small but after all the years of cycling and all the...
  2. M

    Where are your favourite fun runs?

    Anyone fancy sharing routes? Because we come from all over the world, I'd suggest we include a county and country. There are Penriths in at least 3 countries, for example :-) Mine are all in UK: A6 Shap Road and A685 Appleby Road north of Kendal, Cumbria. Also a lot of the roads around...
  3. M

    Nobody here?

    The north of England and most of Scotland have some great roads for the 390 :-)
  4. OldVet

    Hare Canyon Rd., fun little road

    A bunch of us went to Parkfield, CA for lunch, here's one of the fun little roads.
  5. OldVet

    California Twisties 21 3/20/16

    We got a little over 400 miles in today mostly on roads like this :)
  6. O

    Metzeler sportec m7 rr

    SPORTEC™ M7 RR is engineered to empower true riders with a sporty riding style, using their motorcycles in all conditions, weather and temperature. SPORTEC™ M7 RR derives from our experience in Road Racing activities including the “Isle of Man TT” and the “Metzeler Ulster Grand Prix”, featuring...
  7. Treachery

    North Carolina?

    So, quiet in the SE...I reckon we're all out riding. Or studying other areas of the forum. Who's in NC? Particularly western NC...where the good roads are...:cool: