1. M

    Thank you to Supporting Vendors!!

    I just wanted to give a shout out to the incredibly helpful supporting vendors and their businesses. Specifically, I wanted to thank Matt@formula390 I tucked the front during a track day this weekend and needed some replacement parts for a Tyga rearset. Through 8:00pm on a Sunday Matt was...
  2. K

    Exhaust Modification SoCal ?

    Hi all, I've owned my KTM RC 390 for 6 months now, and i'm looking to open it up and put some piggy backs on it! 1st: Knowing that Exhaust modifications are not legal in CA, CA Codes (veh:27150-27159) Does anyone have experience with law enforcement where they've been caught, ticketed, and had...
  3. Treachery

    Top Triple Clamp Bolt

    I know I have seen replacements for the OE eyesore, but I somehow didn't bookmark the sources. IIRC, I didn't see them from the US...Singapore, maybe? I don't even remember the brand. Anyway, has anyone found a decent replacement? Paging the forum vendors...
  4. P

    R+G Engine Covers

    R+G out of the UK appear now to make a racing cover for the LHS of the RC390. There is one listed on Ebay now. Item # 281650568969. Listed at $95.00 US. I don't see it on the R+G web site and was hoping one of the RC390 Forum Vendors has some. Instead of me emailing each one of them...please...
  5. Admin

    Site rules reminder... Vendors that do not support the site

    Hi everyone just a reminder of the site rules. Especially to the Vendors that have been posting their products with out supporting the site.. Mission Statement: It is our goal that continues to stand out as a unique and friendly family orientated site for KTM...