2015 KTM RC390 Track Bike For Sale SoCal


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Hi Everyone,

Covid threw a wrench in my plans, and I never got to take this bike to the track. It was completely overhauled by Hudson Racing, with a full motor rebuild, dyno tune, and it is ready to go. Asking $3,999, and the Craigslist ad is here: https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/mcy/d/lawndale-2015-ktm-rc390-meticulously/7280860364.html

Registration fees were just paid so this can be converted back to a street bike if the buyer wishes to do so. Will share the work order invoices with anyone that is interested.

Some of the upgrades include:

- Akrapovic race exhaust/KTM Powerparts silencer bracket
- Ohlins KT303 rear shock
- Andreani front fork cartridge kit
- MotionPro Rev2 throttle kit installed with 50mm reel
- MotionPro start/stop switch assembly
- T-Rex racing frame sliders
- KTM brake and clutch lever guards
- KTM swing arm sliders and spools
- KTM front axle sliders
- KTM Powerparts full race fairings
- R&G racing tank grips
- Brand new Dunlop Q3+ tires (nubs are still on there)
- Brand New Ajustable Rearsets
- Brand New Clutch
- Brand New Coolant
- Brand New Brake Pads
- Brand New Front Wheel Bearings
- Quickshift kit (upshift, no auto-blip)
- PCV dyno tuned on premium gas
- CNC Billet Aluminum Adjustable Levers
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Thanks for reaching out. The bike is still for sale, however I do have someone coming to look at it this weekend.


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FYI this bike is still available, the person that was supposed to check it out did not show up this weekend. Feel free to DM me if interested.