Question 2017 RC390 Jumping out of 5th gear under hard acceleration?


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Just did my first track day yesterday, morning sessions went alright but from the 4th session onwards I started to have this issue:

As I was accelerating on the straight, shifted into 5th and the RPM momentarily hit redline twice and backed to normal, felt like the clutch was disengaged and re-engaged again. Or that was actually jumping out the gear?

I've read about this issue and seems like it's quite common on these bikes, mine has only done 2300 kms and all of that was riding on the road. Fresh engine oil and oil filter just before the track day (Castrol Power 1 Racing 10w-50)

I found it's hard to believe that gears inside the gearbox are stuffed due to the low mileage, but I'm also all ears. Will Factory Pro Shift Kit address the issue?

Also how are the stock Metzeler Sportec M5 tyres compared to others on track?

Thanks in advance


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I find it difficult to believe that a gearbox jumps out of gear to jump back in.
The Factory Pro ceramic shift arm and spring will prevent jumping out of gears, but as 1JZSupra says, it is better to check and change the clutch friction disks (EBC kit with 15% stronger springs).