2022 Models, what I know.


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Do you think the more flexible frame is a good thing? Coming from a ninja 300 to a rc390 I really appreciate the stiffer frame on the ktm. It’s much better in higher speed turns.
It has more flex in the headtube which will increase front feel, the rest of the frame will share a similar feel. Less longitudinal flex with more lateral.


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  • The engine has been for the most part unchanged which means a majority of our products should be a direct fit to the 2022 model. This is a blessing and a curse, as KTM chose to not solve some the reliability naggles that has plagued these bikes since day 1. But on the other hand we know how to make these for the most part reliable with aftermarket solutions!
  • The wheels are significantly lighter and will use the same rear axle but a different (hollow) front axle, I will be making a kit to adapt these to the old generation bikes asap as its roughly half the weight loss of the marchesini parts and I can hope for about a third of the price.
  • Front brake caliper remains the same so all pad options will continue to work, the rotor is concerning for racing but we will have to see how it works before I doubt it too much. Gives me flashback of EBR systems that definitely never worked.
  • Sprockets are retained from the old model
  • Exhaust is all new and there are a few options for systems at this point, there are a few decat options and slip ons but they retain the black box presilencer for street use. These brands are coober, arrow, leo vince at this time. There is only one full race system being made currently from RP Exhaust in the Czech Republic, contact me if interested on that piece as they are going to be difficult to get.
  • Bodywork is currently only made by Sebimoto, once again contact me if interested as we working a deal with them.
  • Tyga/ Rott front stay is no longer going to fit as they changed the frame mounts but this model promises to be much more race ready then the previous generation in terms of weight.
  • Airbox/ air filter is looking good to use and there are filters and lid options already as it is shared from the 2021 390 Duke, additional volume and shorter runner should perform great out of the box.
  • Suspension is of similar stock performance levels as the previous generation but great effort was put into making the forks easier to work on and much more conventional assembly. Current aftermarket replacements are WP only with a replacement shock and cartridge kit.
  • Clips ons are now factory but use similar tapered end bars of the previous generation so it may be wise to switch to aftermarket anyway
  • First eta on units in the states is March roughly.
  • Rearsets transfer from the old model
  • Chassis is significant level forward from the old version with a lot more flex built into the headstay to allow for lateral grip at lean. Other updates I can't remember also.
  • Factory optional quickshift plus (up,down)
    Let me know if you have other questions or think I left anything out.
Good info!

I’m building my son a new race bike and I’m looking for an exhaust, electronics and race fairings. Lmk if you can hook me up with suppliers for this. Additionally you mention reliability issues with the motor. Can you elaborate on that and what’s recommended?
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Our first bikes are now scheduled to ship in May, delivery in June but I got good news with my Sebimoto kits shipping this week and RP exhaust starting to build these beauties! Nothing is on time but what is in this day and age???
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finally equipped all of racing parts for my 2022 RC390
( Rapid ECU , rearset , exhaust, clip on, sprocket , etc... except FRP )
I was going to write an old part list for mounting the rearset, but You already wrote it.


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