2022 RC390 engine stalls while downshifting


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I'm a new owner of a 2022 RC390 with 1,000 miles on it. The bike came with an exhaust and a Rapid Bike Racing module installed. I rode it about 200 miles and everything seemed to work great. Plenty of power and very punchy.

However, I did my first track day on the bike last week and some issues. While going into turn 1 which had me in 5th gear at about 85mph the bike shut off while I was aggressively downshifting (QS) and braking. The track also slopes down in this section. I ended up riding off the track and restarting the bike. However I did notice that my low fuel light had turned on but I still had plenty of gas.

This was at the beginning of the day, so I added more gas and went back at out and eventually felt comfortable enough to ride faster. I went through that the same turn the same way about 20 different times. But, on my last session of the day the same issue occurred again in the exact same spot on the track. The bike shut off again in 5th gear while downshifting.

I took the bike home and let it sit for a week. Decided to take it out yesterday on the street and I immediately felt like something was wrong with the fueling. The bike stuttered a little bit and temporarily threw up a check engine light. It has now gone away. I rode the bike for about 5 miles after that and it eventually ran smoother but, the power seems to be lower than it should be.

My thoughts are: loose connection with the Rapid Bike module or something going on with the fueling somewhere. I'm not very mechanically inclined tbh so I wanted to ask here. I also ordered an obd2 and adapter to see if I could see any info on the codes.

I appreciate it!