Big problem not sure what to do now won't start. Explained in body


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Okay so the other morning my girl and I got into a fight. I was late for work. I hope on the bike and I go. I floor it and that's it quarter mile down the road and my bike won't start now. It tries to. I hit start button and it won't turn over. I found a little piece of paper inside my air box. I wonder if some got inside my carb from the air box? This is what I'm ve checked so far. All cables under the gas tank. All the fuses. Which is annoying I have one fuse for my mtc that has a horrible connection and sets it off all the time. Anyways checked all fuses. Checked coolant level. The oil level is low. Maybe that's it? I can put it in gear. I can roll it in neutral. Clutch works. Breaks work. I don't know what to do.

If some paper got inside the boot and down in the engine from the air box would that cause it not to start. When I try to start it and I pull in the gas hoping it will turn over it doesn't but I'll hear a hollow pop from the intake box kinra like a ve ynlow back fire sound.


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Too many random things dont check out with this post and you are new to the forum. I'm not clicking that link bro... Seems like a scam.