Bike won’t start


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My 2018 rc390 won’t get any power when I try to start it. No lights or anything. It did tgis once before but started 30 minutes later (a week or two ago). Went a week and now it won’t start at all. I put the battery charger in it and when I put the positive on the lights came on. The charger wasn’t even plugged in yet to give the battery power plus I didn’t even have the negative on yet. When id press the start button after the lights came on itd shut off again. After 2 times it started. I don’t think it’s the battery but maybe a connection?


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I have a 'similar' gremlin. Starts great when Cold. Instruments work fine; shows Neutral And Gear indicator.
Runs Great. Rapidbike ECU and Cat-delete with LOUD Delkovic can... What a blast.
Recently: Gear Indicator disappears with normal 'warm' running temps. Not HOT engine; as it runs fine.
When I shut it off... Nothing happens when I push the start button when it is normal run temp.
So I wait 20-30 minutes; it cools and the Instruments become normal and it starts.
Coolant Level good. Oil too. Doubting 'mechanical' source'.
Shifter Sensor: ( part number 93811023000 = How Much ? $200.00 ...CDN ?? ) Located under Ignition Cover near sprocket. Remove Ignition cover and clean contacts. New Ignition Cover Gasket is only $7. Gonna try the cheap method first: Hoping to lean bike to clutch side for ease of work; just did oil change so trying not to loose much oil.

I found that the East Indian vids are the best repair vids. This one shows meter testing then cleaning contacts on the Sensor...

Is there some gremiin between the 'Shift Sensor' and the Neutral sensor or Clutch lock-out that keeps it from turning over ? It should start in any gear with the clutch pulled in. I have moved the sidestand while pushing Start button.
Or is this the Theromstat's gremlin ?
What do the experts here think ?