Code 22


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Ok, got another follow up question to my post a few days ago.

I've sorted out the Kickstand sensor issue... Neither the 3.9k or 10k resistor worked so I'm going to buy a plug in bypass to get rid of the light. I was eyeing the one on SmartMoto electronics... Anyone have insight or feedback on that particular company?

But here's the real question. I've tested continuity from the crankshaft position sensor and the sensor plugged in from it (the stator I believe?) and I'm getting a continuous line from the disconnect plug on left side of the bike all the way to the ecu. I didn't measure at points between, just put one electrode in the plug and then the other electrode on the plug for the ECU.
One thing I noticed was that all 6 of the electrodes for the stator(?) wire are continuous at all the various grounds on the frame as well as a single ground on the ECU plug. It's the 3rd or 4th down on side with all the black and yellow wires. I thought that was odd.

But I'm still getting the error code and not sure where to look next. What could be the issue? I originally thought that maybe one of the wires had been cut or something between the crank position sensor, but now I'm thinking that might not be the case.