COVID-19 Impact on operations here at Formula390


Supporting Vendor
First off, my thoughts and well wishes go out to all of our community who have been impacted by this pandemic. I hope everyone stays safe, and we all come out the other side of this... tho statistically I know the odds of us ALL doing so will be challenging, at best.

As some may have seen, I just posted that the Tyga Factory has had to suspended operations until further notice. As far as I know, everyone at the factory was safe and there were no reports of infection, but shutting down was ultimately the right thing to do and I fully support their difficult decision. They had to take the safety of their staff as their highest priority, and I agree with that despite the impact it will have on me. I do still have quite an ample supply of inventory on hand, tho if any parts run low or out of stock I will have to backorder those particular parts until the factory re-opens and can begin shipping inventory again. Not that there has been a lot in the way of orders over these last few weeks as everyone has had to settle into our new challenge. I do still intend to continue shipping orders for as long as I can. Being a one man organization, this may prove tricky... especially as I have one person frequently here who has two high risk factors, so I'm having to be especially careful with my sanitation regimen.

In the meanwhile, I'm trying to get involved with some of the open source ventilator projects, and seeing what I can do in the way of assisting with the prototyping and manufacture of ventilator parts and/or machines. I've got the CNC machines after all, so it would be the right thing to do. If any of my fellow machinists happen to have any spare capacity for manufacturing, I suggest you look into the same. We ARE going to run short on the machines, if not in the US then for sure internationally. Ain't none of this good, but if we all pull together, hopefully we can make it better than it otherwise might have been.

Stay safe, sanitize everything, and remember, riding is by it's very nature socially distant so if possible, get some saddle time in while you can, before the Shelter In Place order comes down the pipe for your particular State, County, or City.