Question Difference in exhuasts decat and Link pipes for exhuasts systems


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Hi all, as the title suggests I am curious what the consensus is about the different exhuast setups, Im looking at the Leo Vince Cat Eliminator Link Pipe and was wondering what the difference was between that, and say a straight pipe gpr setup? What's the point of the big area in the middle of the Leo Vince Link Pipe vs. a skinny straight pipe of a race exhaust? I'm asking in the context of my stunt bike build so low end and torque are the key and main goals here. Also does anyone know if the Leo Vince Link Pipe is compatible with the Tyga exhuast header offered from Gray Area KTM? Also, since I am spending about 2,000$ on parts in the next couple days I was planning on putting off buying a slip on exhaust, would it be fine to run the Leo Vince and possibly Tyga exhuast header without a slip on exhaust silencer? Or will that do some type of damage? Thanks for your insight and interest into my queries.


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