Need Help Does a cat-delete midpipe require a new ECU and remap? If so, are there any that do not?

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Hello, just what the title says. I have a 2017 and I want to upgrade my suspension. Apparently, the Yamaha R-series rear shock absorbers that are compatible don't fit 2017+ RC390s without deleting the cat. I'm pretty darned ok with the bike's performance on the street and highway, so I really have no intention of modifying the bike in a manner that requires remapping or additional electronic components.

Regarding the shock absorbers:
1. Can the R(x) shock absorbers be installed upside down, or rotated with the nitrogen canister on the opposite side of the cat? If the answer is 'yes, but it will take some higher-level connection point fabrication" or whatever, then I can handle it.

2. Matt @ Formula390 says the Ohlins KT-303 shock is dangerous, but he's never qualified his claim with an explanation (that I can find). I would like to know the details. Until we do know, I'll just assume Ohlins and Formula390 butted heads and the claim is part of a disinformation campaign serving Matt's bitter revenge. ;)