ECU Failure - TC during track day session


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Hi all,
During track day at Summit Main, I experienced an ECU Failure a couple times during sessions on my 2022 RC390. The TFT had a warning for TC on it. I didn't experience any issues while on the track. When I turned the bike off then back on after pitting in, it disappeared. I went a couple more sessions with no ECU failure message until the last session of the day. The same symbols again. I turned the bike off then on again. The error disappeared. I have roughly 700 miles on the bike. I rode Shenandoah circuit the day before with no issues. Summit Main is a lot higher sustained speed than Shenandoah. I don't remember hitting the rev limiter but it could have happened during the session the error came up. The bike seemed to be running hot from sitting at pit out for a longer time than normal. Has anyone experienced this issue? Any ideas?

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Hopefully this helps. So I spent the morning taking all the body work off to do a full inspection of the wiring. when I pulled the right side inner fairing I noticed a sensor just dangling loose on top of the engine. Apparently this is the lean angle sensor and its mounting hardware goes in from the bottom up and had no evidence of any thread locker.... Got some new hardware and mounted the sensor, re-installed the battery and did the re set on the time and date. I cycled the key off and waited a few minutes. I started the bike letting the tft do the full start and then ignition on sequence. Rode it around the appartment parking lot and guess what!!! Problem solved. What a shit show... the dealer service company had it for 2 weeks and didn't touch it.(its 2hrs away) after looking into resources about the quality of KTM wiring and products in general this will be my first and last purchase. So for referance if the dealer did this at their 160/hr service im estimating 3 hrs just to take the body work off and back on and 1 hr for "diagnostic" then im assuming they would have had to charge me for a new sensor cuzz why not. I bet this ould have been a 1k job. BUYER BE WARE...
OH to top it off i was taken back into the belly of the beast to look at a ninja 636 that came in on trade. I got to see the very back where they have at least 50 bikes all tore apart with parts and pieces just kinda everywhere..... god dam.