Exhaust Modification SoCal ?


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Hi all,

I've owned my KTM RC 390 for 6 months now, and i'm looking to open it up and put some piggy backs on it!

1st: Knowing that Exhaust modifications are not legal in CA,
CA Codes (veh:27150-27159)
Does anyone have experience with law enforcement where they've been caught, ticketed, and had to revert back to stock?

2nd: After calling around I found that auto shops are not aloud to touch the exhaust or modify ecu without the owner of the vehicle trailing their bike in and out.
Does anyone know if this holds true to all vendors? ALLL... VENDORS? ;)

Im looking to have a GPR Ghost, and PC V on my bike soon enough.
These are most likely the only "upgrades" I will have on my bike.

If I missed anything, please share.