Alert FS - Competition Werkes GP Slip-on for 2014-2016 Duke 390 / RC 390

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This is the Competition Werkes slip on for first gen Duke 390 and RC390. Saves close to 10 lbs over stock exhaust.

It's my favorite pipe with a very distinct tone - on the loud side without a doubt. I ride with earplugs. Only reason I'm selling is I have worked as a moto pilot for a local bicycle race the last couple of years and it's too loud for that and I have had to re&re the factory pipe each time and that's a total PITA. So, I wanted a high mount pipe with a removable db killer that I can use when needed, hence the Spark exhaust I recently installed as seen in another thread (on the Duke 390 forum).

The factory fill for this muffler from Comp Werkes doesn't last and I worked with Bristol Core to get their repack kit developed. I am including a brand new one with the pipe. This pipe has had one in for about 10k kms and I expect it's ready to be replaced but I'll let the new owner do that. (It's a simple process, drill out the top rivets with included drill bit, pull the 'cap' off, put the new packing in, and rivet it closed again with the provided rivets.)

This pipe has the optional ceramic black center and currently retails for US$629.95 KTM RC390 Duke 390 Slip-On Exhaust | 2015-2016

Price is US$450 shipped for pipe and repack kit.


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