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Hello, we are Gray Area KTM a racing focused KTM dealer out of the beautiful Springfield, Oregon. We are proud to say that we have some of the fastest racers in the Pacific Northwest on the dirt and street. Our products and ideas are all race and dyno tested for dirt and street. Please forgive our website ( it is still in its infant stages but we function far better if you just give us a call at 541-688-5881. We look forward to helping you achieve reliable power out of the 390's.
Here is a little something we are working on.
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Weird, my last few emails probably didn't get through.
Anyway, this is the guy who has been trying to order some stuff with you several times and that has no access to PayPal and such.
Finally, have someone in the US to have the stuff sent to that will take care of shipment to the Lao PDR for me.
My question is, could you please give me the total price (the old quote is over a year old) so I can do a bank transfer?