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Hi Everyone, I'm not sure if I can do this on the forum but here you go.

Carter Power Sports Complaint, Las Vegas, NV

I took my motorcycle to Carter Power Sports, 6275 S. Decatur Blvd., Las Vegas, NV 89118 for a valve adjustment. A week later when I picked up the bike it sounded the same. Eric the service writer and James, the service manager, told me it checked out fine and was within spec. Being a 49 year pilot and mechanic, when I got the bike home I took the fairings off and checked, the engine was not worked on or opened in any way. The mechanic, David Crandall lied, Eric Robinson lied and James lied. They charged me $337 for absolutely nothing.

I called the General manager, Robin and explained the situation. She told me to bring the bike back and they would make it right. Nearly two weeks later I called for an update and Eric told me they had adjusted the valves and were waiting on a valve cover gasket. Another week passed so I drove down and demanded that I see the bike. OMG, the engine was open, the valve cover was upside down and had sand in it. The workstation was beside where they work on Razors and other dirt machines. I lost it and asked what the F#@k they thought they were doing and that the engine has been open to dirt for two weeks. Eric said no they just opened it. What a liar, he obviously forgot about our previous phone conversation. I then went to James the Service manager and he backed up Eric. I screamed in his face “Stop F#@king lying, and he asked me to leave the dealership. I did. When I talked to Robin later in the day, she backed up her team of liars and said they re assembled the bike and would deliver it to me because she didn’t want me on the property. I immediately changed the oil and filters although, I expect the engine life will be reduced considerably. And the valves are still loud.

Over the years I have purchased 4 new motorcycles, a Kawasaki side by side and a trailer from them and they screwed me and treated me like an idiot. They screwed the wrong guy.


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A few remarks:
  • the valve cover gasket is normally not replaced, it is reused, so... probably another lie and a false parts charge
  • noisy valves are better than quiet ones, and if the service was done on time and correctly, you likely wouldn't hear any difference
  • it's very likely the valves were in spec and they didn't have to change any shims (given their work habits, this would be a good thing)
  • some sand in the top end, while distressing, probably will do little to no harm as the top end is the last stop on the oil circuit; so it'll wash down to the crankcase and either settle to the bottom or be filtered before it has a chance to damage anything
  • sadly, Carter Power Sports is not the only dealer that is all nice and friendly and professional... until they get caught cheating
  • it is so very hard to keep one's cool in these situations where you know you're being ripped off AND they think you are stupid (I've failed more than once), but it's better if you can; they were right to ban you from their premises
  • get a workshop service manual, some tools, and do all your own work, and this will never happen to you again (you may still be irritated if the parts guy lies about why it's taking so long for the gasket you need to arrive from Austria)