Hey all, new member from NY

Hello everyone,
Glad to join yet another forum for this stupid hobby we all have in common. This one for once isn't for me as it's my girls RC390 blue/orange but I'm going to hang out in my local KTM dealership and grab myself a orange/black version rc390 if the new ZX4R isn't anounced 10/4/22. I'm currently making my way into the racing organizations and looking for a smaller bike to race when I get my license this upcoming year. I currently ride a 03 cbr600rr (track only) a 09 ZX6R (current track build), and my street bike being a 2020 ZX10R although I rarely hit the street anymore.
My girl basically has been riding for the last few years on a 02 ninja 250r and then I bought her a 10 250R. Shes never fallen in love with a bike though like she has the 22 RC390, honestly looking at it from a track guys perspective looking for a smaller bike for a few smaller tracks....so a I. The local dealer for KTM just breaking into the street bike scene as they are more of a motocross dealer. that being said they take care of my track/tire needs and they're only shop who gets my business. Needles to say we have a great relationship, I added the Quick shifter, frame sliders, lowering kit(my girls 5ft on a good day) chain adjusters and the rear sprocket. They have definitely stepped the game up and I plan on trying it on track at least once before I lower it. The more I see the features they include the more I like. We pick the bike up tomorrow and she's super excited. I had her order the R&G tidy tail, or at least get put on the waiting list. So now I'm torn, I'm hoping the ZX4R is cool and nicely priced....but if it's not I'll own 2 of these shortly. Thanks for checking the intro out, I'll include some pictures and hope to pick your brains in the future.

Also a member of zx10r.net, zx6r.net, 13x, 600rr.net, and the zxforums. Lol I'll try to adhere to rules as they're all similar but if I do anything dumb lmk. Thanks guys and have a good rest of the weekend.


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Picked the bike up yesterday, added a quick shifter and waiting on a bunch of orange dress up stuff. I'll probably take this to the track ever so often before I purchase one for myself in orange and black. The more I check this thing out the more excited I'm about the bike
Added a few things and waiting on my R&G tidy tail.


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Welcome, new also. Nice collection you have, what tracks do you go to?
Hey thank you, I currently for to NYST and Pineview. This year making it to pittrace, njmp, and Jennings in March and a tail of the dragon run. Hoping to actually try to squeeze Loudon and Atlanta motorsports park in as well. How about yourself?