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I'm running a 2015, with a 2017 header, high mount mid pipe, GP slip-on, Powertonic V3, FuelX Pro, Oversized injector, Air box Mod.
Running this setup for about a year and a half.
I have played with about 30 different fuel maps including one directly from Powertonic for my mods. I ride 60 freeway miles per day in the greater Seattle area, early mornings. Average between 75 and 85 mph to pace traffic too work and 70+ home. All Express lane.
A strange discovery, the bike is pretty loud, so I thought WTF, I will try and put a DB killer in the pipe.
I bought a cheap POS and bolted it in..,. Bike felt better... the system has 2 base maps, with 10 FuelX settings per map. I started playing with richer maps but, blew the thing right out of my exhaust. Bought another cheap one, two days later blew the center out of that one. Bought another and cross bolted the shit out of it. It's still in but getting louder by the second.
Performance, I can now cruise at 70 roll into it and almost smile.
I had been kinda pissed that I had purchased the FuelX because it took away the aggression from the base maps but now I'm not so sure.
I have an adjustable DB killer on the way but what a strange way to discover more power.
And this is a bit embarrassing but on the way to work yesterday, I had this a-hole Harley come up along side me, a very nice, built bike. He got on it, the way my bike Had been running, I would have just let him go, but I didn't. He pulled me at first ( I'm in 6th gear ) stabbing it at 70 and was able to pass him pulling hard at just under a 100, then traffic slowed ahead. He went splitting lanes and I just slowed down and smiled.
Now, for anyone else that might not have been a big deal but with how this thing Had been running, I have had to back down to many cars and I f*"" ':ing hate that.