Ktm duke/rc 390 vs bajaj pulsar ss/cs 400, is there a difference?


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KTM and Pulsar are offering a lot of competition to one another. Both the automakers are going to launch some of their latest bikes within the period of 2014-2015. Both the companies are fighting to gain the leading spot in performance bike segment. Let us have a look at the expected difference between KTM (Duke/RC 390) and Pulsar (SS/CS 400) bikes:

  • Comfort: The upcoming Pulsar SS and CS 400 bikes are expected to offer more comfort in comparison to KTM Duke and RC 390. The Pulsar bikes tend to come with padded seats that are very comfortable. On the other hand, KTM bikes feature gel seats. If you are lean and lanky person, you may not feel any discomfort, however, for a slightly heavier person such seats are not very comfortable.
  • Performance: KTM bikes, both Duke 390 and RC 390, are fast. However, they require certain experience, responsibility and self-control while hitting warp speed so as not to twist the throttle. On the other hand, Pulsar bike come with a lot of instruments that offer greater controlled performance. They also feature fuel tank with larger capacity. However, if you prefer proper track racer bikes, then KTM motorcycles will be a better choice.
  • Body colors: KTM offers its bikes in very limited body color options. The only colors available in KTM Duke 390 are white and black. On the other hand, Bajaj Pulsar offers its buyers with at least 4 to 5 body color options. But their bikes feature single tone color with back alloy wheels only. Pulsar SS/ CS 400 will be featuring alternative color accenting.
  • Distinction: Pulsar SS 400 feature Eagle eyes while CS 400 comes in a steroid-y look. These feature help Pulsar bikes to stand out. KTM RC 390 also grab the attention thanks to its robotic aesthetics as well as dual sunk in headlamps.
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Apparently Bajaj recently increased their ownership of KTM to 48%.

'In November 2007, Bajaj Auto acquired 14.5% stake in KTM Power Sports AG (holding company of KTM Sportmotorcycles AG). The two companies have signed a cooperation deal, by which KTM will provide the know-how for joint development of the water-cooled four-stroke 125 and 250 cc engines, and Bajaj will take over the distribution of KTM products in India and some other Southeast Asian nations.
As on 31 March 2013, Bajaj Auto held 47.96% stake in the company. ' that's from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bajaj_Auto

So the newer Bajaj models may have been partially engineered by KTM? Bajaj also distributes some Kawasaki's in India and are now the 6th largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.
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Well India is a fast rising future economic giant just like China and companies like Jaguar and Aston Martin have already been Indian owned for a few years now.
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The Indian reviews are a lot of fun. :D

Too bad they have yet to market the smaller bikes here in the States. California has a tiered license system. We have the M1, and the M2. The M2 is currently only for mopeds (not scooters), but it would be so nice to have that expanded to all non-freeway legal bikes--what CA classifies as motor-driven cycles. Then the manufacturers would have reason to market the smaller bikes. The system is totally voluntary. If you want M1 you go for M1. If you want M2 you go for M2. So it shouldn't ruffle any feathers to expand the range of the M2. Sure it wouldn't effect the RC200 since that qualifies as a freeway legal bike. But it would open the doors for the entry level RC/Dukes, and that would open the door for the 200.