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Hey guys, I am in the hunt for some riding gears now, I own the 16 model. Its the first time I am gonna buy some riding gear(other than gloves or helmets). It is relatively sunny during most parts of the year and it gets really hot during summer. So what kind of a meterial should I look for? What all should be the safety certifications? I ride mostly on the streets and I am looking for a jacket, riding pants and a boot. Looking for some guidance....


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Go with a mesh jacket for sure. I don't have experience with many jackets at all but I have an Alpinestars T-GP Plus R Air jacket. I got it on sale a few years ago and use it everytime I hop on. Its got great air flow once you are moving but when you're stopped in super hot weather, you'll be cooking. That's gonna be the case for most jackets when stationary. Downside of the jacket though is the chest and back padding. I picked up the alpinestars nucleon inserts and replaced the shitty foam shortly after purchasing the jacket