Loud knocking sound in engine only 5,300kms

I’m having some issues with a used KTM RC 390 I have purchased, a knocking/tapping sound has started to occur inside the engine and I'm just hoping to get some suggestions or recommendations on how to diagnose and resolve the problem.

I have included some details below and I'm happy to provide any additional information necessary, just leave a reply or send me a message and I will respond with the requested information.
  • The noise is not there while the engine is cold, you can only hear it when the engine is warm.
  • The motorcycle only has 5300Kms on the odometer.
  • The ticking noise is in time with the engine and the speed of the knocking increases with the RPM.
  • There is no change in the noise while holding in the clutch or when it’s in gear.
  • The engine oil has no metallic flakes, shavings, pieces or sign of wear.
  • The cam chain tensioner has been replaced and adjusted with no success.
I appreciate the time you have taken to watch this video, please contact me with any help or recommendations you may have by leaving a comment or by sending a private message.

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