Motogp Cota 2019 ktm visit


Had the pleasure to visit KTM garage this year, they didn’t allow me to film and only took pictures in designated
areas.... amazing what I saw...

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That looks awesome! We were in the LCR Honda garage but we weren't able to actually talk to the racers or touch anything. That's very cool that you got that much access.


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And again we see the large mats that seem to be unavailable for regular people. All I can find online are the small mats for dirt bikes.


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The trick is to walk around with a paper an clipboard, no one ever bothers the guy walking around writing things down on a thick stack of paper on a clip board. Occasionally looking flustered while sifting through the blank pages after "observing something" really sends it over the top. Captain Bureaucrat in a bad mood sends shivers down the spine of even the most seasoned crew member... Plus if you do get caught you get a total sense of satisfaction showing off how you fooled everyone into VIP access by drawing doodles of naked women.