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Hello everyone, I'm so glad this community exists. I just bought a 2018 rc from a small bike shop here in south korea. I haven't had lots of time to ride it yet, this is the busiest time of the year for me at work.

But there is one thing immediately apparent. That rear shock is absolute garbage, every time I get on the throttle, the back end collapses down. The preload doesn't seem to help much. I'm trying to look for cheap solutions for a replacement. Im only going to ride street and I live in a big city so long stops and lots of traffic are common here.

After searching a little on this forum and on the internet, the cheapest replacement I can find is the M-shock from shock factory, that French Company. It's weird for me because shipping prices are sometimes crazy. I can't do the r6 switch although I would like to, because I want to keep the stock exhaust (previous owner put an arrow slip on after the cat.)

Does anyone here know if just replacing the rear shock with the M-shock will improve handling? I'm not afraid of wrenching on the forks in the future but I have budget issues right now. Or if there are cheaper and more stock front end appropriate replacements for the rear shock, I would love to hear about them.

Thank you all, and I have already learned a tonne from this community that I feel like I owe you guys.


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Well, it's up to you, of course, not tried, never know!
My experience with them is a lot of the riders speak English.