New guy, new RC390 rider?

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What's up everyone! New here and in need of some advice. I'm looking at picking up a 2016 rc390 from a local guy who I know has tracked it a few times. I've read all the issues people have batted with these but I'm not deterred, yet! lol The bike has a few upgrades; exhaust, p. commander & tail tidy.. so not bone stock. The 2 red flags I'm seeing is there's some rust in the tank and the mileage (18k). I haven't seen many folks on here (or anywhere else for that matter) with mileage this high. The goal is the enjoy the bike on the twisties and get some time on the track for the first time. For around 3k, would you buy? Should I? .. the dilemma is real! Appreciate any thoughts, comment & advice.