New owner from Italy!


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Hi, I’ve joined this forum a few days ago. I own a late 2018 RC 390 since March of this year and I’m loving it. The bike was completely stock when I bought it but I’m now starting to make some changes to it… I’ve replaced the stock exhaust with a full Mivv exhaust and put a powertronic ECU on it with a laser iridium ngk spark plug. Now I’m moving onto the brakes and I’m planning to mount SC Brembo pads and a new brembo rcs 15 corsa corta master cylinder. Here are some pics of my baby, unfortunately they were taken before I started putting my hands on it since I’ve only had it for little time :) C9647745-08C9-4527-A68D-790A7B1A28F1.jpeg7469CB69-568A-4E35-BDC1-4C87FB1717E4.jpeg


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Welcome! Awesome bike and upgrade list. Those photos are so peaceful and beautiful. I think we all need more of that right now.