New uploads to my YouTube channel


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I uploaded a couple more videos to my channel today.

The first one is about my 2016 KTM RC 390.

The second one is a remix of BIKEP♡RN | lil_hanne video. I was watching Transporter 3 starring Jason Statham (one of my favorite actors) a couple days ago and the song “Set It on Fire” during the credits of the movie inspired me to put this remix together. A couple days earlier I watched a newly uploaded video by lil_hanne entitled BIKEP♡RN | lil_hanne and thought how cool it would be to put together a remix with the song from Transporter 3. Now, in all fairness I did email lil_hanne to ask if it would be alright to do this but I haven’t received a response. If she doesn’t want me to have this on my YT channel, guess I’ll need to remove it. So, you better view it while you can. I like lil_hanne’s version of BIKEP♡RN for sure, but I’m a little bias and I think my version might be more involved. I slowed her video down 25%, added some different elements, made it a little more complex and I think it turned out pretty cool.

Here’s a link to lil_hanne’s original BIKEP♡RN | lil_hanne
Here’s a link to BIKEP♡RN | lil_hanne (KBear Productions remix)

Another suggestion. Play the BIKEP♡RN | lil_hanne (KBear Productions remix) on the largest screen you can find (cell phones are just not worth it), turn up the volume and dance naked through the house.