New uploads to my YT channel


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Hello all,

I’ve been toying around with a video editing software just to see what I can do and not do. Pushing the boundaries if you will. I put together a couple presentations (can’t call them videos I guess) just to try it out. These are a couple of the very first iterations of these presentations I did with the software. I uploaded them a couple days ago now. Bringing this to the forum as something fun to do. If you like the presentations give them a thumbs up and leave a comment if you like – that would be great. One present. is entitled “My Motorcycle Life”. It includes all the motorcycles I own, but it doesn’t include the ’83 XV920 Midnight Virago since I never got around to taking any good photos of it. The other present. is entitled “lost in time”. It’s a compilation of images I took a long time ago and I placed quotes within them. Again, this was a project just to find out the software’s limitations. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed making them. If you like the videos send a link to your friends .

Here’s the link to my YouTube channel.