Ohlins KT303 in Canada


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Hey there, I'm looking at getting an Ohlins KT 303 since its only $600 more than an R6/R1 shock would be for me and I'm wondering if anyone has experience buying from motostarz?


This shock has a great price but I believe that the image isn't right, the KT303 only has the shock and nitrogen reservoir.

Side note, if I were to actually go with an R6 or R1 upgrade what would I have to buy other than the shock itself from Ebay? I would buy from Matt on Formula390 but the pricing for shipping would be ridiculous since there is import fees.

I've done a good deal of research on shocks for the RC390 and have read every thread about them but I'm still not entirely knowledgeable.
Thanks for any help guys and sorry for being such a rookie.


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I've talked to Matt on this very thing and the shipping isn't bad for the kit to fit up an R6 shock. Yes, I am from Canada too.

Yes you have to provide your own R6 shock, but you can get all the little bits seperately or as a kit from RC390.com, along with lots of help