Persistent stalling on a brand new RC 390


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So I recently bought a 2018 RC 390, and while I couldn't be happier, I have been experiencing persistent stalling issues. They would usually happen at low speeds, particularly on the 1st or 2nd gear. I would have the clutch disengaged, and the engine would just turn off as I am trying to blip or twist the throttle.

Is this common on the RC 390, or did I just happen to get a defective piece? And can constant stalling damage the bikes engine and/or transmission?

I am pretty worried so, any advice would be helpful. I have done around 370 kms (229 miles) on it, and have installed no mods.


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Adjust your clutch lever to the longest throw #. KTM did that and solved my exact same issue. More throw = better disengagement and no stalling. Worked for me.


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I agree with all. I have the same year. I haven't adjusted my clutch but i let it run. Once or twice i would hop on that bad boy after letting it run for a couple of minutes and it would stall. Now I let it run when the bars are like 4