Rc 390 versus Apache RR 310


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I own a 2016 KTM RC390 in India and recently an Indian giant TVS has launched a bike jointly with BMW , RR310.
the bike is more balanced as compared to the track monster the RC is.


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As the old saying goes, "There's no replacement for displacement." I have no experience with the 310 motor, but from what I've learned of the 373cc motor on the RC390 is that you will crave more power on a light bike. The exhaust is usually the first thing everyone does, but with minuscule gains, you become a target for everyone else that thinks they're fast to pick on. Without spending a lot on the bike to make the magic 300lb and 55-60hp power/weight ratio, the joy you get from riding will frequently be interrupted by $30k American sports cars. I can only imagine it would be worse on the 310 motor.


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I've briefly rode a BMW GS310 and its an excellent bike, but its so way down on power compared to a bone stock RC390/Duke390 its not even close.

As for handling its ok, but again, not in the same league as an RC390.

All the press agrees on this one too. Nice bike, but under powered. And even compared to the Yamaha R3, wich is only a bit bigger, its out classed.