RC 390 White Wall Tires


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I have always really liked the look of white wall tires. Not so much on cars but on motorcycles. It reminds me of rancid for some reason lol.

I have really been mulling over the idea of putting them on my 2016 KTM RC 390. There are a few street bike tires that come with a really nice white wall but a problem I'm running into is none of them fit the RC 390 or at least the exact size of my OEM rims on the 2016.

Shinko has a bunch of options, Metzeler has a few, Avon and Dunlop as well.

The question I have is out of all these options even though they are not exact, is it possible to get a size that is very close that they offer without any issues or do tires have the be the exact size required of the OEM rims? I really have no knowledge of tire sizing so if anyone here knows what would fit the RC390 OEM rims out of the sizes offered by these companies I would be very grateful.

I'm currently looking on Motorsport.com, there are quite a few white wall options. There are some brands that get really close to the size id need but I just don't want to order them only to realize they wont fit.

Just for reference for anyone who cares to see it I made a very rough photoshop of what I hope itll look like. The thing I love about it is it really follows the orange, white and black color ratio of the rc 390 perfectly. Black outer tire, white inner tire, orange rims.


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