Rear Shock Options for 2020 RC 390?


Hey all, I'm in the market for an adustable rear shock, and don't want to spend $1400 on WP's option. Ohlins doesn't make one for the 2020 model, and neither JRI, Racetech nor Ktech have options listed for the 2020 model either. Any other suggestions for under $1k? Thanks in advance! :)

try from here, all your needs will be covered.. a great product...
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You can get Low and High speed Comp with Nitron R3 or YSS
I got the YSS and the setup is really good because the external reservoir is not attached to hose and doesn't get in the way. It is fitted upside down (foam bumper at the top)

this one also have hydraulic preload damping which make setting sag super easy.

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Completely off topic but that trimmed rear guard looks interesting - how did you do it?