Need Help Rpm stuck at 4000 (with closed throttle) for some seconds. Aprox 40-60s.


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My motorcycle has been behaving odd lately.
Started giving jerks while riding; the rpm gets stuck at 4000 for some minutes, usually happens at 1st to 3nd gear and it happens when the throttle is closed and going down hill.
I think my motorcycle have lost some power and the ride quality has degraded significantly. The bike has 7767 miles and is 2017 model.
I have asked around at the service centre and they say its all good. The motorcycle is serviced regularly & I recently got new sprockets and chain installed.
Any info about my problem would be appreciated.
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In some stituation as throttle closed, the engine may adjust the current fuel supply in order to maintain the RPM or idle slow.
At the moment that engine loading changes, it may delay to response it back. But it should only be temporary within few seconds.
Maybe this is not the root cause due to the symptom keeps few minutes as you mentioned. Curious about if any throttle control habits changed could affect the engine behavior when going downhill in your case.